true entrepreneurs

The True Entrepreneurs

true entrepreneurs Who are the true entrepreneurs? You have always been told to follow the path laid out by those ahead of you. The beaten path is devoid of those obstacles, which the people ahead of you have so thoughtfully removed. Your pathway has been smoothened and straightened. You learn from the mistakes of others. You learn by going to classes and reading and re-reading the same stuff which your predecessors have learnt. Today you see all the candidates who come out of B-schools or great institutions are creating similar looking companies or jobs and winning in them. But do we call them pioneers or discoverers or inventors? Are they inventors or innovators? Are they leading in creating something different or they are just improvising the old with modified techniques and subtle variations? These people are not creating empires by making the difference to this world in the above manner. If that was to be then they would be immortalized by time. Not so with these people since they are busy making money or name and fame by just dishing out new wine in old bottle. There aren’t any changes effected by these so called entrepreneurs. They are not the Du Ponts, Walton’s or Tata’s of this world. These people created empires and huge enterprises. But the grads of today are more interested in creating millions or billions in the easiest possible methods. Through Wall Street or LME or the Money markets or some such. They do valuations of their companies in billions and collect the same from the markets or investors. But is that the truth or are the valuations based on certain perceptions? Now you understand that these are only baseless perceptions. In that way, the B-schools can teach you to be the highest amongst the mediocre. Not to become outstanding person or to create rock solid empires. They teach you to make market flimsy companies with false perceptions. The billionaires of today are made out of perishable substances. Like in the IT industry. It’s just like the RAM or ROM. Rewritable memories or perishable stuff. There is no rock solid foundations. So then what is the difference between these and the real true blue inventors? Lack of education also doesn’t matter to the true blue ones, neither does dearth of money. They just are dedicated to the cause and proceed in life. Working day and night only with extreme determination and the will to succeed. Their minds are not crammed with studies or A grades. They have intellectual brilliance and superb minds. They are visionaries and future creators. So don’t just believe that B-Schools or fancy money can get them the moon or some such. Keeping single pointed devotion to the cause and working hard, they succeed with perseverance. So, keeping faith in your own self and knowing that all answers are within your own self, be a true entrepreneur.

Image Courtesy by pixabay