The Universe Does Correction

Universe Does CorrectionThe universe does correction to balance itself out. Just like your own body, which uses simple techniques to balance itself out. Even relationships! You are wondering what I am talking out. So here goes.
You might have noticed, you get into a bout of illnesses like cold and flu or injure yourself continuously at the same place often. Once you get out of it, you notice you have dropped weight and look healthier or fitter, not fatter! You might have put on a lot of unwanted weight so the body was shedding it. Then you vow to keep yourself in shape and join a rigorous activity of long walks or join a gym. But in a few weeks time, you are back to your old bloated self, if you do not address it properly.
Now take the case of Mother Earth. There are floods and deluges after droughts. Sometimes the ice cap melts and sometimes it brings up the ice age. Mountains are razed to the ground and water is moved away to create lands. The climate changes from hot to cold and deserts are transformed into arid lands. Know that Mother Earth was abused very badly then.
Entire civilization is wiped out like Mohenjadaro or Dwarka. Cities like Pompeii are reduced to dust. Volcanoes rain down ash and forests burn to create unhealthy climes. Politics of the land can destroy precious documented ruins to build hideous political leaders monuments. Tracts of forests are destroyed in the name of urbanization.
The universe has its laws of balances in place. What rises has to fall and that which is down has to go up. Even if the reverse is true, watch out for signals. Some believe destruction is caused by wrongdoings but growth doesn’t happen because of goodness. So neither can be attributed to anything in particular.
Man has seen rise of empires and then their decline. Then rising from the ashes too. Some people call it evolution and some devolution. But whatever you wish to call it, the process of birth, sustenance and then destruction is constant. The next cycle again begins where destruction happens.
If you understand this aspect of the universe and life, then you know how the future will pan out. You are experiencing a terrible time now, be rest assured you will get out of it soon. If you have reached the rock bottom of your life, then you have to rise again.
Now if you are at the height of success, know that soon you will face the beginning of failure.
But man never learns from this knowledge. He feels that he has become immortal or invincible. He believes that his success is permanent and doesn’t care for corrections.
Take the case of large corporations who had tasted success all along. Suddenly when they come across competition, they pooh pooh it. Take the case of The Big Blue. They never could guess that laptops or personal computers will rule the world. Apple won that race. Likewise, Blackberry wasn’t even ready for Apple’s smart phones.
In life, be ready for change always. Look out for signals from the universe. When the crack appears do not ignore it. Even relationships are prone to deteriorate. Watch out for the innocuous or very subtle signals. Try to correct the path soon. Do not leave it unanswered. Address every little issue and watch out for subtle or dramatic shifts.
But know for sure, change is imminent and no one can stop the evolving universe in its tracks. So adopt change and always be ready.

Image Courtesy by pixabay