The Word Of God

The word of God is being disputed today. I was reading somewhere that the holy books like Bible or Bhagvad Gita which are considered the words of God, today, has changed over the years so it can’t be word of God. There has been tremendous amount of manipulation by adding stuff or removing some things which are wrong in recent times so how would that be the true word of God? This is mentioned by some scholars.
Take for instance the story of stoning of the lady wasn’t there in the Bible in the beginning but later it got added. Similarly there was no story of Jesus rising from the dead so how could it be true? These are supposed to be some addendum to the original texts. In the Bhagvad Gita also the people who disown Krsna think that He was just some king who was glorified as God. What is the truth here? Those who comment on it are already biased and don’t want to listen to any kind of reasoning or the truth. They have already made up their mind that the holy books are fake and that there is no God. But these are atheists who already have no belief in God so how can you expect them to tell you the truth. They are out there to distort or use certain selective verses to prove you wrong.
So here I am going to tell you from logical point of view what could have happened. Later, I will take you through the path of spiritual. But first the silly logic which everyone thinks is the truth.
Let us say a few people were listening to Jesus or Krsna talk about some esoteric subject. How many would remember the exact words at the end of day? Hardly any! If you ask them to write what they said then each of them will quote what they think is the explanation of their own truth. Not many people will say the same stuff. Everyone will differ by a certain percentage. Now try the same after a few days or years. The exact words will not be the same. Everyone will have their own interpretation.
So if someone has found multiple versions of the Gospel of Mary or Thomas, the words will differ but the essence will be the same. Sometimes some people may forget an essential portion of the teachings, which they might remember later. This doesn’t give anyone the right to call the teachings wrong or say that incidents were concocted. Remember, it is every individuals interpretation or remembrances. Unfortunately there were no recording devices like today where you could capture all that the individual says.
Now from the spiritual perspective. Whether someone says something derogatory about these books or decimates them is of no consequence to the faithful. The faithful believes that God wanted us to know those words and He has made provisions for them to be found or interpreted that way. It’s God’s way of spreading the good word. Who are we to say what is right or wrong. We just accept it as the Gospel truth. He wants us to hear it that way. It’s His method of teaching.
Even in the Greek Gospel of Mary, Levi admonishes Peter for not trusting Mary when she tells the apostles what Jesus told her. Peter refuses to believe her. So Levi tells him that it is Jesus’ prerogative to whatever He has taught Mary and why should Peter doubt the word of their Master?
So my sincere request to all the faithfuls here is not to bother about the naysayers and just follow your heart and believe in the word of the Lord. God knows what He has to teach us today so just follow the righteous path and not succumb to those who are out to prove the holy books wrong. If one is seriously interested in knowing the truth then they should find themselves a true Master, who knows the truth.

Image Courtesy Pixabay