The World Of Selfies!

SelfieWhat happens in the world of selfies? First lets understand what is a selfie or selfies or self shots. These are moments captured in pictures by your own cameras or cellphone cameras about your own physical self. It could be a still, moving image or a gif!
Earlier, you will surely remember taking pictures of yourself in front of the Taj Mahal or some such monument. Or in some temple or church. With your girlfriends or husbands! Now if you turn on your own camera and shoot your own pictures then it would be termed selfie. But wait, more and more people are taking their own pictures and posting them online in complete nude! Not a stitch or any inhibitions.
Surprisingly, the trend is to shoot selfies during mourning or funeral too! What pleasure would someone get doing that, ask them? It’s all about I, me, myself in complete abandon. Websites like Tumblr are filled with it and there are more in the space too!
From the days of the dinosaurs till date the self aggrandizement or statement that I was here proves to us how much we value our little ego! In the cave paintings to the ones on tombs of the ancients, stories about oneself have been drawn, written or pictured. Self proclamation and announcements are done for various purposes. Terrorists to suicidal people have shot themselves to tell others about themselves.
Seeking visual recognition from others to pander to their little ego is the root cause of this fashion! It cannot be called a fad since it has existed all along. Narcissism can also be attributed to it. Sometimes people post incognito to just feel good about oneself. The self admiration society comprises of oneself and ones own ego only.
You may make ugly faces or just plain looks, yet the truth remains that you have this extreme need to admire yourself.
In spiritual terms, you are only seeing your food body and the mind is reflected in it. Ego stands out! But to reach the inner being you have to respect your own little self. Drawing attention to it makes you more attuned to the outside world. The senses wander outside. But looking inside is the first step towards reaching the god inside. So every time you reach for your camera or your cellphone camera know that it is only pandering to your little ego.
No one says that you shouldn’t check up on your physique or body but to make a public statement would tantamount to self praise.
Praise the god within and stop this self praises. Your bodies will wither soon and no more will there be self praising. Then you have nowhere to picture except inside. So start looking inside now.

Image Courtesy by pixabay