The Year In Review!


Now for the year in review!
Everyone during the course of the final week at the end of the year or the beginning of new year retrospect and review the year gone by. Some are good memories and some are terrible. Some we want to remember and some to forget.
We all do that because we want to find value in that year. The memories are daunting since they are very fresh. How does one find value in the memories? You look at the things that have brought about a good change and appreciate it and those which have shown us the downside we wish to erase and learn from those mistakes.
Some of the things we want to avoid are relatives or friends with whom we have fallen off. Some lovers whom we left behind. Some dreams which were destroyed during the course of the year. Some victories like the ones which provide you with enthusiasm or impetus to pursue further the given subject.
Some holidays and reunions are very touching and some draw our breath and dry our palates. Anger wells up seeing some weird photographs.
There are those who compile on a daily basis and some sporadically. Even these provide us with smiles or frowns. Our expenses and their causes provide pain points. Hospitalization or sickness, death or injuries are sure fire ways of raising our blood pressures. Children’s activities are happy memories like their first steps, graduation ceremonies, first kiss or first video, prize days or annual day celebrations. We cherish those which brings sweeter memories and a story unfolds.
Then those which bring bitterness and acidic taste are worth discarding. Like the photograph of an old flame, a bitter dispute with someone, losing some very dear to us.
Again there are those touch and go moments when you could have lost something or someone. The appeal to raise funds for some great cause or the marathons or some group activities.
Every little photograph, posts, diaries, snippets, tags, albums, songs, movie tickets, passports, pages from our notebooks, instruments, gadgets, clothes, jewelry could trigger off these thought processes. Any little significant or insignificant object could set off a chain reaction of explosive thoughts.
Now that we have driven down the valley of thoughts and memories, can we stop it right here and now? What makes any year significant or insignificant depends upon your sailing through that period. When the time came were you able to weather it or not? Did you buckle down or did you looked right into the eye of the incident and sailed through? We want to overcome most of the difficult times. So it’s important to note that those are significant moments to wade through. If those moment didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be here reminiscing over them. Let me extrapolate here for you with one example.
Let’s say you lost your girlfriend. You have very bitter memories about her. There were great moments but mostly there was bitterness. Those moments tell you what to do or what not to do in the future. They also tell you to avoid another mishap. You will correct yourself. Now the most important part is that- if she wouldn’t have left, you wouldn’t be looking out for someone true to you! Maybe you meet your wife or whatever. You have to always see it positively.
So keep all memories fresh. Learn from them. Do not make further mistakes like the year gone by. Keep a watch on the future. There is a whole new world out there.
I am going to leave you with two important points here. First you should be thankful for the year gone by since it was a good teacher. It showed you how to live your life through. You never balked or bowed out. You faced it somehow and came out of it stronger. Even if it was some dear ones death. You are a survivor.
The second most important thing is to pay attention on the now. The current life and day are fast slipping away into a memory. Why not make the best use of today and put your best foot forward? Perform to your highest peak. Remember there is no tomorrow so live your life today to the fullest. Don’t scrounge, scrimp or procrastinate. Do it here and now whatever you wish to do. The end will pay for itself with a better memory. So put all that you have got and win.
Here is wishing you a very great new year and strength and energy to face everything at all.

Image Courtesy bypixabay