The Yellow Bird

The yellow bird always thought the green parrot was so wonderful. He believed the parrot could sing such nice songs and talk so much like humans. He had no such unique abilities and looked like any other plain bird! He felt very small.
One day the bird catchers came and caught all these multi colored birds. The parrot was very agitated. He started to complain loudly. Sometimes he came up with so many human like expletives. He was the first to be sold. He went to the circus in a large cage.
All the other birds were kept in a big cage. Then they were sold one by one. The tweety birds, lover birds and finally the mynahs was sold to different customers. No one wanted a single yellow bird.
The pet shop owner kept him for a few more days and then set him free. He flew away happily.
Just know that sometimes having no special characteristics is better than having some unique qualities. We believe being a commoner is not great, but it is! Famous people cannot walk the streets like any common ordinary citizen.

Image Courtesy by pixabay