There Are Always Solutions To All Problems!

My biggest issue today is how to get out of this problem! I am completely lost and have absolutely no clue of how to extricate myself out of this mess. Do you hear yourself say these words every few days or times in life? There are always the dead end situations which do not seem to have any
The immediate response when you go to anyone is, ” omg, how the hell did you get into this rut?” “Why couldn’t good sense prevail in you?”
“You are such a steady and strong person and yet!!”
Be ready to hear grandmas advices only after these folks have cleaned all your dirty linen in public. Their bewilderment and shock will make your minor misdemeanor seem like the first great sin of Adam and Eve!
But wait, why do you think that what you have done is the greatest blunder of all times?
Come on! Everyone makes mistakes so stop flogging yourself first. Lets see how we can fight our way out.
Remember there are always solutions to all problems. Now you can definitely say that your issue has no solution. But haven’t you noticed that every past issue had got resolved the next day. That problem had vanished in no time. So first lets see the steps.
Lets start by accepting the problem first. We need to acknowledge that there is an issue that needs sorting out.
The next step is to assess the exact location or at what point you are in right then! Can you assess the damage done?
The next is to understand that there are solutions and you are going to find one. So set about locating the solution. Do you know that you can look at the solution even online? Google it or search for it. You are sure to find answers. If it is an issue like the ones connected to emotions then sitting in one place and quietening your mind and pondering over it can throw up some answers.
You could look at it, confront it, talk quietly and firmly to the main problem causer, seek help from professionals like doctors etc, groups which can help you like AA or some similar help groups. If it is woman’s related issue then there are such groups. Whatever the issue, there are always some help groups.
Turn towards your mentors or therapists. They will surely give you some answers. Know that almost everyone has similar issues and you are no exception.
Of course, you will always feel that you are an exception and your issues are the greatest.
Most of all, you will be told by your tricky mind that you are the greatest martyr of all. You are the perpetual sufferer and underdog. There is no one greater hurt or miserable soul than you. It will seem that your world has come to an end and you have no solutions.
Stop giving yourself that bullshit and start acting on the task at hand. Everyone goes through hell sometime in life. You are no exception. Jesus, Buddha, Sriram or even Krsna had their problems. Sometimes you may have to run away from the problems like Krsna did as Ranchodas! Sometimes you may have to go to the desert to solve it or fight it out like Jesus. At other times you might have to take help of people around you like Sriram did with Hanuman. Finding solutions could mean sitting peacefully and contemplating on solutions and your eureka moment will arrive like Buddha!
Who can say that your solution may come in which form? So keep faith and strive hard for solving it. Never give up.
And stop giving yourself negatives! There are always solutions so go search for it!