This World Is Unfair!

This world is unfair! The anger you feel when someone else gets the limelight or someone else get praised, when you are the one who has done all the work or slaved so hard for it! It’s absolutely frustrating for you to again repeat the same success when you know you won’t even get an acknowledgement nor credit for it.
Hasn’t this been the thorn in your job or home or with your friends too? At home your elder sibling takes away all the credit and you are never praised. But when they do something wrong, you are squarely blamed for it.
At office too, you have taken so much pain and put in efforts day and night, but when it came to getting a commendation or praise it went to your bosses chamchas or cronies. Btw, they even got higher ratings than you and good increment in pay whereas you were left twiddling your thumbs and feeling cheated.
When your friends gave you your birthday party, you should have been the center of attention but on the contrary, this idiotic friend of yours was taking away the entire spotlight away from you. What a garrulous and corny character, you wished you could garrote that person.
So now the time has come for a repeat performance and you hate doing it. You ask, why should you do it? Any which way there is nothing worthwhile in it for you so why should you be the lead. Why not get that other nincompoop to take charge? Can you go on leave that day, you wonder! Life is very unfair you have concluded. God doesn’t seem to be fair to you. If there is one! But who cares! You have no choices but to go through the ignominy of doing that thing and being relegated to the dustbin feeling absolutely useless, like a used condom.

We all are trapped in this kind of situations all our life. So you know the drill very well. There is no praises nor certificates of merit for you. So stop thinking about results or fruits of action. You will feel completely defeated. So why not just do those things as they appear and move on.
Krsna says in the Bhagvad Gita that you are only supposed to do your duty and not bother about the fruits of action. But being material minded, you bother about your results. Does anyone think that the results are under their control? They never are and will never be. Even if you plan to the “T,” remember you will never succeed, if you are not supposed to. That’s called destiny and you have no clue about it at all.
So why fret and bother so much about the results? Just do what is necessary. But in the righteous way. Now, that’s the catch. Just because your best efforts have paid for someone else, don’t go about doing your stuff half heartedly. Give the universe a chance to change the position.
Maybe, the princess will get killed and you get to be the anointed one? Maybe the next boss sees something worthwhile in your efforts and gives you the prized position. Maybe the girl who was dancing with your crooked pal is actually eyeing you instead. So who knows what’s in store for you. Just allow destiny to work its way.
Be good to yourself and put in maximum efforts to be a winner. Who knows?
So stop blaming God or destiny and put your best foot forward. Maybe the dice will roll your number and you may hit the jackpot! Keep all the windows and doors open for opportunity to come in. Just like Steve Jobs or Amitabh you could be lucky the next time round!
You stop being unfair to destiny and the universe. Give it the chance to push you towards victory.