Those Who Talk Or Just Do Work!

What is the difference between those who talk and those who just do work? You have heard almost everyone just talk and talk. But you must have also seen people who just work but don’t talk! So which category do you fall under?
Scientists who just keep on working but hardly ever do talking produce works which win Nobel prize but those who speak a lot become politicians.
These people hardly do any work. Their hot air spreads too fast and they gain public popularity but hardly do anything at all in life. These are the ones you see cutting ribbons, opening exhibitions, visiting schools and institutions and smiling for the camera.
But true doers are those who are like Mother Theresa. They do so much. Gather funds by the shovel, meet people who can drive initiatives, work with poor people, etc.. She was a true worker of God. A small frail woman who achieved so much.
Now let’s see the doers alone. These work silently and surely. They have no hidden agenda of public renown, winning some humanitarian or Nobel prize, giving interviews and making public appearances in forums, seeing their names in gold or on big ticket events and so on. They seek no such rewards. They are true silent workers.
I wrote some words today. The child is always chattering, the youth is always jabbering and yapping around, the middle aged ones are always complaining and cribbing and the old people are always reminiscing about the past and then they die. After their death, they are remembered only for a short time. No one bothers much. The talkers are then replaced by newer regimes. See how Gaddafi or Saddam got replaced. The new rulers don’t even want to talk about these hot air blowers.
But the true folks are those who work silently and surely. They form the backbone of the society. But they never show up on the radar. Sometimes we hear of them but they are media shy. They don’t want to talk about their contribution to society. These are great people. The rest are power and name hungry.
Take the case of some award winning authors who lend their voice and name to causes. Or take the case of some social worker who comes in the social media like a thunder shower and becomes a media darling. These are now converts from doers to hot air blowers. They neither cool nor heat up but just blow air. They have become the loud farts of the life. Sometimes when they throw too much gunk, they stink and then people move away from them. So stop becoming a loud farter or a noise maker.
Do your duties in the world without much noise and blowing your own trumpets. Be a silent worker. The more you talk the more you spend time worthlessly. Just be a silent doer and move to the next task in life. Stop your useless chatter.
In spiritual, we learn to become silent and contemplate. When the mind is quieted down, you become calm and peaceful. Then you do your work seamlessly. Without much ado. You become a sage. The sage does what he needs to and never expects anything in return. Be a sage.

Image Courtesy by pixabay