Thou shall reap what you have sown

Its often said that what you ask for, you will get and what you give, you shall receive! When you know that why do you still think that you will get peace when you give trouble to God? Why do you believe that you will receive money and wealth when you can’t even give good quality sweets, flowers or offerings to God? He too gives you perishable stuff! When you offer your diseased body and disturbed mind to Him, don’t expect to get healthy body and pure mind a million times back! Remember you sow wheat you will get wheat, not rice! So offer God your pure mind, healthy body, perfect inner space, good intentions, humility, meditative calmness and peaceful atmosphere and He will accept your offerings and shall reciprocate a million times the same to you! We too say “wish you the same” to anyone who says -“Have a great day”,right?

Image Courtesy by pixabay