To Become Successful!

There ain’t anyone who hasn’t struggled to reach the top or become successful. There are many who have given up before it started, then there are those who gave up halfway, then those who reach the destination but loose the sight of success and glory.
To win is as important as playing a game. But the winner is safe and secure. The loser is always told to play again and not give up hope. But why loose at all? Why not win alone?
The truth is false praises are given to the losers. They are given hopes alone. But why not win and become successful?
So you have to be there first.
Can you tell me the successor of Buddha, the next freedom fighter after Mahatma Gandhi, the next person after Ashoka? No one knows or cares about that.
So why aim second? Be there first and the winner!
Hope is for losers and success is for winners!

Image Courtesy by pixabay