To Go Without Food!

This is for all those who have no idea what it means to go without food for lack of resources. Hunger and malnutrition are one of the biggest scourge of the world.
We have always had our stomach full at all times. We never had to beg for food or water. But there are millions who never get a full meal or a canteen of water either. The only thing which we have tried out is maybe going without food for a few hours and calling it upwas meanwhile consuming stuff which provides for the lost nutrition. Maybe fruits or food filled with carbs. This is done in the name of religion or some sort of medical issue. But does it account for going hungry?
Poverty is the root cause of this disease. Food grains are not available in places due to drought, warlike conditions, desert region, paucity of funds which makes a field going fallow and so on.
In places of plenty, people spend so much on colored water and beverages. These are of no use to the body, yet we love to splurge on various beers, liquor, soft drinks, fruit drinks, aqua, health drinks, thirst and hunger boosters, popular waters, etc.. Foods like exotic fruits, extruded foods, fried and roasted foods, packaged ones, restaurant food served with art forms. People pay through their nose for vintage wines and beverages, food that has varied tastes after fermentation like various cheeses and meats, dried fruits and food grains. But in other parts of their own countries people go hungry.
In places where a simple spend on food is less than a dollar, there are those whose single restaurant check comes for a few hundred dollars.
Many years ago I was contemplating on this issue and I found that I am unable to eat due to a certain condition so I decided that since my activities aren’t much, I should forgo one meal. My doctor cried foul. He and my family cajoled me but I realized I could do equal amount of work like any other human being on a single meal. So since that day I gave up eating a dinner. Having just a cup of milk or some simple beverage suffices me. Anyway my innards feel great.
I am not advising you here to give up a meal. I am just stating that I can live without a meal.
Let’s get the hunger alleviated and eradicate it altogether. Let’s have a system where we are able to feed everyone.
I know you wonder why I am talking this way. In spiritual we are trained to feed ourselves only with the food from begging. If we do not get any we are supposed to go hungry till the next day. It’s a spiritual practice to subdue a mans ego. Try that and see, how it feels. The humiliation felt by asking for food or should I say begging for food is devastating. If you can understand this then you will surely know the true worth of hunger and poverty in this world. It’s never felt by those who are reading this so my humble request is don’t waste food unnecessarily. Eat only that which is subsisting and don’t overeat. Be sparse in your diet and nutritious. Don’t go for expensive food just for the heck of it.
Remember when you order your extravagant meal in a fancy restaurant, your one meal can help a few hungry folks in this world so be gracious and don’t splurge. The restaurant owner gets richer and fatter by your money but think about those who truly deserve your grace.
Now say this grace before your meal. I would love to share this lovely meal that God has given me with those who don’t get even a morsel. Let me eat just enough to live healthily and not go overboard overeating or overspending for just a simple meal. Let’s spread this joy of feeding all.