Too Many Gods

Too Many Gods There are too many gods out there. Why do all these religions have so many gods to contend with? In some other place they say there is only one God. So who is right?

There is the Sun god, Moon god, water god, sea god and fertility god! OMG! Can we say that there is someone ruling over the star called the Sun, so he is called sun god? Likewise, some entities who rule over certain territories are called by that name. Like the President of the USA is some individual and he is there for his term in USA only.

So that clearly shows these gods are with a finite lifetime and rule over a particular space for a very limited time.

Now, if there is a mountain god whose name is Mountain God, then that is just a titular position and many people could take that position up. All of them would still be called Mountain God.

That brings us to the subject of how big is their position. Not big at all, I may say. These gods are restricted by their place, time and power. One god cannot rule over others territories. So the Sun god cannot rule over the Moon. They all have limited powers and positions.

There are gods ruling over education or wealth, rain or sea, smell or sound, knowledge or ignorance. Each are representative of their respective domains. You might have noticed that I called them by the small letter g! So if you were to ask me, whether they are actual gods or just some powers and I will definitely agree with you in whatever you think. Call them gods or just powers, it really doesn’t matter.

Remember these so called gods are just representing certain domains and we have to operate within those areas. Which brings us to the point of asking permissions. Just as you have to apply for visas or get grants or loans, you have to apply to the respective authorities. In the similar manner, you need to supplicate to the respective god for his permission to operate within his said domain. When you apply for their permissions, would mean you are praying for his grace to grant us that permission.

In conclusion, there are domain heads who are called gods who have specific powers only. These are temporary heads occupying the positions for a very tiny amount of time. As humans, our job is to get their express permission by praying for their grace only. So qualify for it and ask nicely and you will get your visa or you might get rejected if you do otherwise.

Image Credit: Pixabay