Trapped Into Submission.

What would you do if you were trapped into submission by an attacker? Would you submit or fight or would you just be a passive being and let them get away with the heinous crime?
There are all kinds of people in this world. So expecting some to resist and others to allow is in our nature. Some of us are so mild mannered that we let others railroad us and bully us. Some are so aggressive that they fight tooth and nail to bring the other to justice or bring them to their knees.
The passive beings are always the butt of ridicule and bullying. Why do they allow others to do that to them, you may ask? Atrocities happen because the perpetrators seek out the submissive. These people are built like the predator type of animals. They thirst for seeking out an easy prey. Finding one is extremely easy since they hunt with precision of an owl or a bat in the darkness of human apathy.
Whenever there are atrocities, humans stay deliberately out of it. They see these instances happening and are stunned or afraid to interfere. Just as the woman who was dragged in the public and paraded naked in the whole village and not a single person came to her rescue. During olden times too, people were willing to throw stones at the woman just because she was termed a loose woman. But the same will not be done to the man who was equally victimized. The reason is that the woman was considered a weaker creature and lower in order by the people then.
So why do we allow ourselves to be railroaded into such kind of aggression? Are we so passive not to resist an attack or atrocity? Truly man has become a very passive creature and is goaded by just a few bullies to submission. Don’t you think it is high time we moved to remove this anomaly? Trust me, no outside force is going to push you into movement. It has to be self motivated and driven by our own nature.
We all expect God or some outside unknown hand to strike down the disrupter! It is not going to happen. It is going to happen only from your own free will and no one in this world will ever motivate you to doing something.
So let us begin by gathering ourselves and pepping our spirits. The God within us needs to be awakened and made to do stuff that he is not used to doing. Whether you are a man or a woman, righteous behavior needs to be invoked and incorporated. Whenever there is suppression or atrocities happening in our world, we need to fight on the side of the dharma or the path of righteousness. Waking up that hidden and sleeping nature of ours is extremely important.
If we think there will be equality in this universe then we are mistaken. That is never going to be. But we can ask for rightful place and position in our lives. Every human has to have dignity of place, position, labor and freedom to be who they are. The right to live is the most important one in the righteous manner. If we want it then we need to honor it too.
Stop bullying or getting bullied.

Image Courtesy by   pixabay