Treasure Within

A short story.
There lived a man whose father left behind an old family house. He grew up there and educated himself and got a good job. He was earning quite well so he decided to get married. He married a beautiful young woman. They had two children. The children grew up and their father gave them the best possible education. The children went abroad for better education and prospects. Thereafter they settled there. Got married and had their own kids.
Here the parents broke up. There was a bitter divorce. The house which he had taken pains and trouble to fill up with small luxuries went to ruins. He had to give up almost everything.
Running after all kinds of material desires, today the man had become empty just like his old house. He wondered what happened to his education, life, wife, kids, luxuries, acquisitions which he had painstakingly collected over years, gold and ornaments including his wedding band, toys, cars and other vehicles, trips abroad, luxuries gateways, school and college educations of kids, their fancy jobs, etc. everything seems so distant now! He sat the whole day dwelling on what he had lost.
One day he thought of rumanaging through his old stuff. He climbed to the attic and started to go through his old papers and memories. He spent a long time there. He found a very ancient letter written by his father.
It contained a mention to the treasures his father has kept for him. He followed the instructions and saw the treasures. He kept on staring at them. He understood how his father had been so generous to keep it there for him.Treasure
Everyday he kept on looking at them and smiling at himself. He could never tell anyone about the treasure. He had to keep it a secret. His children and wife had deserted him and so did all possessions. His kids came to visit him sometimes but he hardly spoke. He became silent.
He knew about the treasure but with whom could he share it? There was so much greed and lust in this world.
The treasure disappeared with his death. A rumor was heard that there is a treasure hidden somewhere but no one could find it.
Deep within us is this treasure which our Father has kept for us. No desires or greed can reach there. No mind can fathom. When you find it you cannot talk about it. You live with the knowledge but you cannot share it. It goes with you.