Trend Begins

How does the trend begin?
He had five pairs of shoes.
He wore one pair per day to work.
He was always immaculately dressed. A matching top and bottom too.
One day, there was some commotion in his life.
He accidentally wore two wrong shoes. The right foot didn’t match the left one.
When it was pointed out by his colleague, he was very embarrassed.
Later, the same person came and told him that it looks cool. No one felt anything wrong with it. They all appreciated it genuinely.
The next day he decided that he would do such mix and match with his other pairs too.
So the new trend started.
Now everyone wears two different color or pairs in their two feet.
This universe has weird ways of telling you things. We have to listen to what the universe says.
There are hidden truths which with our little intellect, we can never understand.
Give universe a chance to help us learn about the future. Don’t close doors to newer knowledge.