True Owner Disallowed Ownership By You!

Legit and illicit relationship, simple one and complicated, accepted and unaccepted one….there are so many kinds! The law sanctions only a few ones which it thinks are legally viable and the rest the individual thinks should get some legality but doesn’t stand any chance. Considering human nature which is always on the lookout for impossible relationships, law works as a spoil sport. So does the society.
In ancient times too, this was very much prevalent. There was no sanction for the Gopis relationship with Krsna, Ambapalis with Buddha, Mary with Jesus. Even though Krsna could marry 16108 wives, legitimacy could be granted to few. Similarly, no one gives a damn for what Mary Magdalena wrote. The gnostic books are not given legitimacy.
Today we have come to this stage in society. There was a superb movie called Starbuck which won a number of awards, on which the Indian film is based called Vicky Donor. It’s believed that no court can say whom the child belongs to if the sperm belongs to one, egg to another, the surrogate womb to third and the foster parent or parents are fourth. Wait, that isn’t still over. Now if the parents are LGBT? Who takes the ownership of the child?
I knew a CEO of a company who was deeply in love with another woman but couldn’t do anything about it since he had a legit wife and two kids. Finally in frustration he gave up and settled in another country. Now there is none around him. His wife deserted him for another, kids disowned him, the other woman settled for a pent house and money. This man potters around his chateau abroad.owner
The most impossible relationship is between man and God. He can’t see his God and yet has to believe in Him. It’s said God lives in the heart of every human, yet this ownership cannot be His. The owner cannot take ownership of this body, the human being does! He considers this body as his own. The children that come about as his own. Legally if the God, the Owner says that every object is mine, so even the sperms, egg or womb is His. So how can we claim that child is ours?
Now if we were to give back the ownership of this body to God, then every action performed by that human would be under Gods command alone. So who is liable? Man or God? It’s something that is taught in spiritual but we don’t give up. We retain the ownership by our ego and mind so every action becomes ours. So all associate karma is ours too.
Sadly, God has no legal standing in the eyes of law and even in our own! Since He cannot prove of His existence to you, the body cannot be proved His. Humans have given false legitimacy to relationships which are surreal or unreal. Discarding the true One, we have accepted all false ones with our bodily parents, relatives, spouses and in extension kids and their kids! Yet nothing belongs to us! Is there justice somewhere else?