Trust God

Trust And Distrust

Trust GodHow many times have you heard this statement- I cannot trust you or you have broken my trust and so on?
The word trust turns to dust when we apply too many expectations to any object of trust.
First and foremost lets ask ourselves- how can I trust someone?
You know very well that you yourself cannot be trusted. Have you ever kept your word to yourself? Or have you made enough concessions while keeping your word?
The answer will be obvious.
I have made too many concessions to myself and given enough reasons why I am unable to fulfill that given word.
If you cannot trust your own self to keep your word, how can you expect someone else to keep theirs?
So stop thinking so deeply about someone else’s promise when you know damn well they will never keep!
This happens too often in relationships which we consider sacred. The one whom we trust the most ditches us sooner than you can imagine.
So the idea of trust or distrust can just be a dream.
Stop dreaming that someone will keep their word.
If they keep, don’t exult. Keep calm and thank your stars that you got what you wanted.
But wait don’t you go about thinking that they will do the same again and again.
After all they are human.
Let it be and don’t expect anyone to keep their word. Otherwise you will be very much disappointed.
The only One to trust is the One who runs everything in perfect synchronicity.
That’s God for you. Trust God!

Image Courtesy by pixabay