Trust People To Ignore Or Interfere!

Trust people to ignore you when you need attention and give attention when you don’t need them. This is the most happening thing in everyone’s life.
You want to be left alone to sort out through your issues. You need to clear up your head and move in the right direction. Just then some unwanted people will crop up and offer you unsolicited advice. No one has actually requested them, yet their extremely helpful nature makes them the busybodies and interfering fools in your life. You don’t want them at that crucial moment but still they need to poke themselves right where it hurts.
You had a massive argument with your best pal and some mutual friend comes in between to sort out the issue. You know damn well, that both of you need the space and you will clear your head and come together again, still this nosey parker digs in. You want to scream at him but you can’t out of goodness of heart. Isn’t he trying to be helpful?
Now the other kind!
You have come to the end of your tether and are genuinely seeking someone to download your bottled up venom or anguish and you are searching desperately for this good soul. But they all seem to have vanished. No one is available on the phone, home or the net. You are in a touch and go situation. You are suicidal or completely maniacal. Now everyone has deserted you. You don’t know where to search for. Why isn’t anyone around? They all were there when you didn’t want but right now where have they all gone?
In both the above circumstances did you notice the need of people in our lives? Why do you need them or don’t? What makes us feel so inadequate or incomplete in our own world? The answers are finally going to be as per your own requirements and yet we feel so insecure. We are deciding on our own accord but our props and support system are required. Why do you need these crutches in life? Can you not be that one who can come up with answers? You are capable and fully competent to arrive at all answers but the mind itself makes you a nincompoop.
So stop depending on others and take your own stand and abide by your own decisions. Even if you fail , you know it’s your own decision. So why not just be full of yourself and complete! Go decide and take the onus and be responsible.