Truth And Falsehood.

truthSo what is the truth and what is falsehood? The media is having a ball of a time today about the Dylan and Woody Allen affair! So who is telling lies and who is telling the truth?
We have always faced these issues. Lies and truth are the two sides of the same coin. So which side are you seeing now? The head or the tail? The head tells you the symbol of what we stand for. It never changes even if the tail changes. The tail tells us different stories. How much is it worth? A Dollar or Rupee or half of it or a quarter! All depends upon the number it is imprinted upon.
Lies are like that. They change accordingly. Sometimes they are big and sometimes small but a lie is a lie. But a lie runs the world. You buy things with lies. Happiness or sorrow, laughter or sadness, destruction or construction. Whatever you desire, the lie can make that happen. Let’s see how that is possible.
Superman wears a suit which is the truth, his alter ego is the reporter, which is a lie. Most people live a lie in their marriage. They lie to their children or parents. They live with their spouses for supposedly a greater cause called society, relatives, children, money, property or just sex, whereas their inner feelings are suppressed or dead. They live the material worldly truth called a “happy family!”
Looking at the new born child, the parent calls it the most beautiful and handsomest creature, whereas any other person can see the child looks like a monkey. Yet the truth can never be told to the parent. Similar is the case of a spouse praising their better half. The truth is there is no comparison of beauty or intellect.
We falsely praise the person who came in second, whereas we know fully well they are not worthy of any praise, since they couldn’t top it at all. So lies are told for a healthy relationship? But what happens when lies are exposed? The world crumbles and crashes. The things, the person was trying to avoid have cascaded into a huge waterfall. Relationships are destroyed and loss of face and every other thing happens.
But has truth done anything at all? Not in the least? Truth can bring lasting peace and ultimate happiness right in the beginning. But when told after the lie, it becomes a lie alone. Truth is clean and crystal clear but after stirring falsehood, it can never have the same taste of truth.
If you open a bottle of pure drinking water from the Himalayan spring it is pure. But if I give you a bottle of water which is certified pure by the label, but purified by multiple processes from sewage, would you dare call it pure? The lie called sewage water remains even after purification. Got that? So a truth in the beginning is pure but truth forced out after multiple lies is impure.
The divine is pure right in the beginning. Any doubt makes it impure. So if you start with the premise that the divine is false, you can arrive at the truth after a lot of search, yet the iota of falsehood will not make it superior.
Hence, we insist that you start with the premise that there is purity and truth in the holy books. This will help you come to the absolute truth after questioning it. The seeker should first have complete faith and trust in the Guru or Holy Books, then question it by asking their doubts and seek clarifications and then, when the Guru clarifies the doubts, the truth will firm itself up.
Trust and faith in God and Guru are the main pillars or cornerstones of spiritual progress. Asking for doubts and resolving them with complete belief in the Guru’s words will make the spiritual truth shine out. But if you start with the premise that the holy book or the Guru is telling lies, no way can you be sure about the truth.
So lies are unreal right in the beginning. Do not stick to them. The best way out is to ignore them. Stop thinking. Don’t get embroiled and fight it out. Start with the truth. Even if truth is bitter. Your spiritual progress will happen sooner.
It really does not matter who is telling the truth or lies in the above mentioned story in the press. It is already begun with lies. Doubts and truth can never undo anything at all. So the best thing to do is move on and just be on your spiritual path. Put your trust in God alone. Don’t pay heed to the unreal mind. Only God and Guru is real. Rest all is Maya’s creation.

Image Courtesy by pixabay