Truth And Movement Ahead

Truth And Movement AheadWorldly truth is like a bitter medicine. You should take it with an intention of curing yourself of the ills of false beliefs. Mind cushions the falsehood with beautiful stories of trials and attempts you have done without success. Mind speaks of hard efforts of trying to win and succeeding but it never condones you for failures. So knowing the bare truth is essential. Truth hurts in the beginning but helps your progress religiously. Falsehood tells you of multiple attempt possibility but truth tells you it’s ultimate and there are no second or multiple attempts. You gotta do it right here and now. There is no tomorrow for truth but falsehood has tomorrow and day after also. You tell one lie and tomorrow you need to cover the first with multiple lies. But truth is one and now. You don’t have to cover the truth. You can move ahead then to your next destination. It doesn’t take your mind space. Lies takes you back

Photo Credit: Pixabay