Truth In Scriptures In Different Worlds

When you look at some of the ancient scriptures, you wonder where they are all leading you to!
None of the scriptures or holy texts sound true to your material worldly mind.
There is no proper logic nor is there coherence in the way they speak.
Take the case of the Mayan lores. They speak of the worlds which are lost and the pathway through them goes through such treacherous routes. The Popal Vuh talks of such worlds and then you are taken to such places like the Xibalba.
Now take the case of the Peruvian ancient civilization. The Incas Ayar brothers and sisters and their stories are the lores of Queqhua’s.
Now lets come to the East to our own Mahabharata and Ramayana.
The incredible feats by the characters sound very much impossible yet the belief remains.
The ten headed monster, the flying monkey faced God and His army of monkeys, the demons which were hundreds of feet tall, the reams of cloth which appears from nowhere and so on.
Now lets us move further eastward. The Chinese civilization and their dragons. The Jade Emperor and the ruler of the three worlds.
Coming back to Buddhism and its offshoots. The creation of Tara and the various aspects of fighting the Mara sound too good to know.
The King Arthur and the knights of the round table are another subject of controversy.
Especially the part of Merlin the wizard or of Lancelot.
Now that we have written about some of the folklores here and never understood them at all, isn’t it time for us to move away from folklores and look at the true meanings of the above mentioned subjects? If we can find some sort of real meanings from them and not follow them blindly we can tell our younger generations to actually believe in such stuff.
There are more such scriptures which I will mention in my next blog.
Its time for us to unravel them.
Let me guide you through these myths with their proper meanings and understandings.
Jesus said to James once, “You can only acquire Heaven’s kingdom through knowledge alone.”
So lets try to understand the true meanings of the lores above.

Image Courtesy by pixabay