Two Birds In A Tree

Two birds lived on a tree. They decided to go to their relatives place and flew over to the next tree. They fed on the same gruel everyday. They saw the kids playing on the next branch. Then these four decided to go for a picnic at the lake, so they flew 20 meters, the lake was full of other birds like them. Got bored by that so they flew few meters above and came to their favorite restaurant and fed themselves, checked out some people and bombed them with their droppings.
Flew over the 50 feet deep canyon and circled the deepest part of their sky for the next two hours. The whole sky was only one hectare big.
The sky was their jail covered by nets inside a bird park.
We are just the same. Our nets are held tightly by wires of attachments to body, mind and others. We too are trapped just like the birds.
We hope and pray that someday we will see the real sky!