Two Faces Of Life

Every aspect of life comes in twos! With victory comes defeat, with joy comes sadness and with tranquility comes anger! Just as you cannot have a coin with a single face, you cannot have only one side of life. The side facing upwards and the side facing downwards. When you are experiencing joy rising, the part called sadness is going downwards. When anger rises the goodness in you goes down. To maintain equanimity in yourself, throw the two faced coin and be even minded either ways. The root cause of this instability is desires and ownership. The desire to be happy makes us relinquish sadness and the cause of wanting victory is defeat! This want, need and desire is that enticing coin with two faces. Remember that which is destined to come to you will come to you. Just continue to do what you have to do! Throw that coin of delusion and duality away.

Image Courtesy by pixabay