Two Sets Of Rules!

I am often asked if there are two sets of rules and my answer is yes, there are! The material worldly always assume that their world has only one set of rules but ask the monied or the knowledgable and they will prove you that for them there are separate sets of rules which They write themselves. Their ego writes the rule book. They are the elite and the rest are riffraff.
But truly in the material world there are only one set of rules and they stick. They are born the same way and die the same way as any other. They suffer and burn in anger. They hurt and get hurt the same way. They have inflated or deflated ego or crushed ego. Their rule book talks of debit and credit and debt and returns. They fall in and out of love and hate too. They seek revenge or retribution. They want return on investment and interests payments. Now you ask yourself what makes them different from another? So all yardsticks are the same. Surely they can get a golden ruler or a silver one yet the measures won’t change.
So whose yardstick differs and where do the same rules not apply?
The elitest category are called realized souls. Being far and beyond they cannot conform to any set standards. They act like a small child or a ghoul. Sometimes a grown up or a madman. They have no idea about their own existence. Death or birth does not make a difference to them. Praises or insults, likes or dislikes, heat or cold make no difference to them. A woman or a man evokes no feelings of warmth or coldness.
There are no rules for them to follow. They have nowhere to go and no place as home!
They dwell in themselves. Lost to their own. Completely submerged in their Self. They are beyond all rules and conformity.