Two Sides To A Coin!

There are always two sides to a coin. We are always used to listening to one and getting biased. We do not have any idea about the other. Our judgement is based purely on the one side we know so well.
As a parent, we know only about our own kids side and not the other kid who is supposed to have beaten our kid to the pulp. So we tend to be biased more so towards our kids story.
In life too, we hear from one person more than the other. I was watching a movie yesterday where the wife is shown as a very subdued and quiet person and the narrative is from her side. She alleges an extramarital relationship between her husband and another woman. But nowhere is she confronting him and asking him for his story. So how can we make judgement by knowing only her part. He is not shown having an affair whereas this heroine is having.
Again another part of life says, it is better to be ignorant about the other side otherwise too many problems will crop up. Just imagine the above scenario. The man is having an affair because he has fallen in love with another. Or he is getting no attention from his own spouse. Or he is already in a relationship before his marriage. Or…. Can you see how many permutation and combinations we can make?
Sometimes knowing the truth is very harmful for our own good so it is better the truth is hidden. So they say ignorance is bliss.
Imagine your boyfriend telling you that you are his n’th girl. He always talks about some vague female when he is making out. Your mind is going to be in the biggest mess. Believe me the knowledge itself is the cause of misery. Just knowing that little thing is going to make your mind zoom towards infinity. You will never be satisfied with little explanation or knowledge. The rest your own mind will conjure up impossible situations.
We are always too judgmental about everything. We think that the one who is offering us utopia is our savior but is it really? Your own life will tell you that there is no utopia and you have to work your ass off in every which way. There are no free lunches.
So know the other side of the coin also and understand both the sides well. Then make judgements. Otherwise you will always be biased.
Remember a known devil is better than an unknown. And again, ignorance is bliss! So you tell me if you aren’t more confused now than when I started.
See, knowing more doesn’t make you knowledgable. It confuses you more than before because there are more things to contend with now.
Arraaaggghhh! Can we stop here! Can I give you back the coin with two faces since that’s where this whole thing started! I guess the ascetics run away to the Himalayas because of this. They don’t want to know either sides of the story. They are self fulfilled because they only know themselves! So I will only say this now. I don’t want to hear anyone’s story. You can shove it up your…….! Leave me in peace. I don’t want to know either sides of the stories. Amen!