Two Sides To The Truth!

In the material world there are two sides to the truth always. You may say truth is always one but then how can it be two? Every story has two sides, right?
Now when these cases are dragged out in the media, only one side gets reported more and the other doesn’t. Take the case of the Goa hotel incident. The media baron and the reporter and their sexual incident. Both the people involved have two different set of stories from their own point of view. Now which one is true and which one is false? Similarly the parents of the Arushi murder case have their own story and the murder has its own. Who can judge the right one? No human being can understand both the sides of the stories.
So when a woman gets embroiled in a controversy of such kind, both the man and the woman have their own versions. So who is the liar or who is telling the truth? No one knows. To each their own versions holds water. But here the idea that needs to be understood is what is the version the world understands.
If one of them talk only half truth then the world creates it’s own version. For example, the woman may say that the man kissed her forcibly. Which is the truth but half truth since she left the other half out. She loved the way he kissed so she kissed him back! But she conveniently left this part out. Doesn’t it mean the miscarriage of justice has happened?
So from the material worldly point of view, both are saying their version of truth for the ears of the listeners alone. It’s the world version for them to make judgement on. Not the truth. But the believable version.
Now let’s see from the spiritual world what these episodes look like. Neither are telling the truth at all. In both these peoples cases, their minds are projecting something’s which appear to them as their truth. Destiny has cleared the deck for the act to be performed. The act happened and the mind took over creating its own versions of truth. Only that is told which is making the victim vulnerable in the eyes of the law and public. The need is for sympathy. The perpetrator is creating his own version to make the act non cognisable and mellowing down the brunt of action. Finding faults with the victim. Giving reasons for her ways of pushing the act favorably towards him. Making her equally responsible. Both are telling their own stories for the audiences.
Spiritually, the truth is destiny alone. Both are engulfed by their previous life alone in this act. No one is right or wrong. But this will never be accepted by the world. They are not spiritual at all.
So the truth is never expressed. Truth is God alone. It can never be understood by any mundane being at all. When you know the truth you become silent. It can never be expressed. So who is to blame?
The understanding and knowledge that you need to take out of this is every human being has to put in efforts in going towards The Lords side only. Because God alone is truth. Everything else is false. Even the action called out here and the words spoken thereafter. All are false. God alone is real.

Image Courtesy by pixabay