Two Sisters

There were two sisters. One of them was deeply in love with a man and intended to marry him when she got a chance. Unfortunately, she being the younger one had to wait till her elder sister got married.
The family looked around for a boy for the elder one and they finally got the match. The elder one got married. Her life was tough since she had to get used to being with a man and a family. It took her many years to settle down. She learnt to love her husband and the family she had thereafter. For her marriage came first and then came love.
The second one was into the relationship for four years before they got married. For her to get accustomed to her husband and family was easy. She had her previous time with them to get attuned to. She married for love. But there was a problem. They had explored their relationship far before their marriage. The cracks developed much earlier. As they say familiarity breeds contempt. Their too familiar relationship had progressed far beyond so there was hardly any need for exploration later. Even though they knew each other’s habits, intolerance set in much faster. Both got on each other’s nerves. Finally they couldn’t see eye to eye with each other. They filed for divorce.
Now she is already in another relationship which she wants to cement once her divorce comes through. She has pinned all her hope on her second love. She believes in the dictum, second time lucky.
The first sister took many years to know and understand her husband. They learnt to look after each other. Today she is happily married and awaits her anniversaries with enthusiasm.

When people are forced in a situation, they have to love what they have to do. It may take a very long time to get acclimatized to it. But they have to get used to the vagaries of each ones nature and sometimes tolerance is much easier.
Then there are those who do what they love. But sometimes loving assumes a different role. Expectations grow and then there are mismatch of these. Unable to handle these discrepancies relationships deteriorate.
These are two separate issues and are not the same but if you look at the above two stories, you will understand we are always on the look out for happiness and that is dependent on how we can learn to tolerate. First it’s important to keep aside the ego in a relationship. Ego is the root cause of all downfalls. Love is the everlasting framework on which this universe exists. Love dependent on factors other than love itself can never be called love but a transaction. Love has to be purely unconditional. There are no conditions attached to love.
We cannot find such love amongst humans. Hence unconditional love is only divine.

Two Sisters Love
Two Sisters

Image Courtesy by One Moment