Understood And Still Ignorant!

ignorantEvery teaching seeps in and yet at the end of the session why don’t I understand what was being taught? This question haunts everyone and still it’s not possible to retain that! Why do we have such erasable memory? Where does all that vanish? Someday I would love to record it and retain. Someday I would love to implement it practically in my life. Surely, it must be accumulating somewhere in my psyche and it will come to my aid at the precise moment I need that teaching. Even though I understand the truth in those words but I still feel that there has to be some absolutely perfect experience associated with it for those teachings to firm up. Now I await those experiences.
These are some of your own thoughts which fall off and on like a wave. Overcome them. Don’t stress out for you are retaining all that you actually need as of now and the rest is just getting filled up, stored and filed for future action. Experiences will be continuous. Just sail through them. Your files too shall open up at appropriate time. Fear not!

Image Courtesy by pixabay