Use That Beautiful Mind!

Why doesn’t man use that beautiful mind? Why does he always give reasons or blame others? Couldn’t he decide for himself what is good or not?
We always blame the object for causing disturbance in our world. Are you blameless? Or can you intelligently avoid the object? Let us see some cases.
The sun is burning bright in the sky. Naturally it is going to burn your skin, so you take an umbrella or you put on the air conditioner inside the house.
Every object has its inherent nature. That means it is naturally tending towards its own in-built nature. An acid will be sour and abrasive in nature. Sugar will be sweet to taste. A dog will bark or bite dictated by its nature. A pig will love dirt and filth. So every object in this universe has been embedded with its own nature. So also the man and the woman.
But you have been endowed with a very beautiful mind and senses. You have been given intelligence and the ability to decide what you can avoid or attract too. So if the sun became too hot to handle, your beautiful mind has the ability to decide for yourself that you need to take an umbrella while stepping out. Suppose there is an irritating person who passes lewd remarks when you pass, you have been given an ability to decide whether you have to slap him, avoid him or just ignore. There could be various decisions that you are capable of taking.
If you know the inherent nature of a particular object, why are you surprised that the same object is not going to disturb you or take up your attention?
Suppose you have a stain on your dress behind which you are unable to see, you may not do anything about it till your attention is drawn to it. Maybe your friend tells you about the stain. You may then go and wash it off or change the dress. Now if the same stain is on the lapel, you may fold it if you are short of time. Now if it is under the chest, you are bound to create a disturbance in others mind, isn’t it? So you may altogether change the garment or just cover it by a coat if you have paucity of time.
So you can now understand that the object is capable of creating a disturbance by its inherent nature but you have the capability of avoiding it or not getting upset about it. You have been provided the tools for taking the right decision.
So we should never blame the object alone for causing upsets in our world. You too can consciously decide if you want to get disturbed or not.
A disciple is told that God is in everything by his Guru. So believing that, the disciple doesn’t move away from the path of an elephant gone wild. When he is thrown by the elephant, he asks the Guru why was he told lies? The Guru tells him that there is no doubt God in everything but he has been also given the ability to decide. Didn’t the mahout God shout and tell him to move out of the way of that charging elephant?
Man, by nature is made into a lustful and greedy creature. So what makes you think, that he is not going to be that?
Know the inherent nature of every object in this world. So just remember that no one can change their inherent nature. If someone says so, don’t you trust them. You have to be careful.
You will say what you are talking about are stereotypes. Yes, there are those and then there are the exceptions too. But exceptions are very rare. You will always be fascinated by that one exception. They might have an additional quality too, who knows? Just like the woman athlete who wins the race but looks like a man. Or the man with a falsetto voice. The ape who can learn a few words of the human language, the dog who learnt to walk like a man and so on. These are definitely exceptions and they are rare.
So if you can understand this nature of a man or an animal, you will know exactly what to expect and then using your own faculties decide on the correct mode of answers. So be judicious and use your mind. Stop blaming others for your problems when you know you have been endowed with the power of reason.


Image Courtesy by Westernhillsep