Value Of Time

waiting-410328_1280What is the value of time? Is time something that we can while away? Can time stand still like the poets say? Are scientists able to bend or manipulate time? Can we do time travel? Is time a relative factor? Is time real?
There are so many questions whereas time is concerned. We all have shiny watches and beautiful cellphones which now tell time. Every horological company wants to give you the most accurate watch. So my question now addressed to you, do you have time to read this blog? It is not on time management or saving time but on what time actually is!
My mother used to pour cold water on my head if I refused to wake up at 6 am. The school was a little distance away and we had to walk and reach before the first assembly bell. Since I was in-charge of the bulletin board, I had to read and write the news and notices for the day before other kids came to school. I had no choice but to reach before school opened.
Later on in life, I was made to sit at the reception of a multinational company for two whole days till the HR manager finally answered me. Today, I do get up way before the world does and start my day to get more constructively disposable hours for myself. I can sit in one place for hours without a single thought in my mind and without doing any physical activity. Spirituality taught me to value and disregard time too. Nay, it taught me to master time.
The operations performed by surgeons are time sensitive and so are flights at airport. The television station count every second and charge for it, so do lawyers and professionals. The kaizen speaks of time and so do shipments from companies. The take off window for rockets and the weatherman so much have to focus on time. These people are all programmed to perform in time, failing which could cause very great damage.
Now let’s turn our attention to you and the world around you. You hardly keep time. You put alarm for 6 am and get up around 7. You put multiple snooze buttons on and doze off. You tell your boss that you will attend office in time but your reasons for reaching late are multiple. Your train is late, your kids made you late, there was some major accident, you forgot your keys so went back and so on. Time keeping is not your job. You prefer rest, sleep, relaxation, inertia, procrastination, delay, tiredness, pain, hurt, reasons and everything that would not help time management.
Everyone believes that they have it them to reach in time but can hardly keep their word. When confronted by authorities, the man gives multiple reasons for not keeping their word. Time is usually frittered away by the unscrupulous and lazy. They ask those who value time how they could do it and why they themselves cannot! So from the spiritual perspective how would I answer such a difficult question. What is time?
Time is God and keeping time is prayer or respect. Knowing time, you would never disrespect it. You will know that every single day, every single hour and minute is precious. Life is given to us for expending the karmas. Humans have to value this time so that we can expend all karma we have come here to spend. Stop doing more karma and eliminate any more chances of accumulation.
Many have been flummoxed about time travel and want to know if it can exist. Of course, it’s possible to do that. We all consider time in a linear fashion. We know after 1am comes 2am and so on. But can you travel in linear path without jumping a time scale? Can you fast forward or backtrack in time?
Imagine standing on the sun and watching planets go round it. If you could travel from center to any point in the circumference, wouldn’t you beat time? Or if you were to travel faster than light you could end up earlier than you left. So in science there could be possibilities but in spiritual we use bodies or objects to house ourselves into. We could be the spirit and travel forward or backward. The body is needed only for expression of time and knowing that you have arrived or departed. Your time here on earth is just a short chord on the circle of time. So to reach the moment in time is easy. You could come and keep all things ready for adjusting later in your birth.
On earthly levels it’s important not to allow your mind to take charge otherwise it will give you impossibilities only. Overcoming the mind you can overcome limitations of time. In spiritual world time works with you. You have to reach a certain destination and you see that the flight or train is late, normal human being are sure that they are late. But spiritual people know that once they reach their destination the activity will begin and not before. Here I shall quote two instances.
Once while returning from Singapore, I and my devotee decided to do some last minute airport shopping. We requested the security officers to let us go back to the duty-free stores. We were shopping and didn’t realize that the airline was frantically searching for us. While walking back a shuttle picked us up and dropped back to the flight deck. My devotee was very anxious but I told her that she needn’t worry as the flight won’t take off without us. Though the entire crew and her mother was waiting anxiously for us to come.
Once a group of people went to Srirangam temple and were late reaching the gate. It was way beyond the early morning aarti timings. I told them not to worry and we entered the sanctum sanctorum around 6.30am. The waking up of the Lord still hadn’t started. Once we all were in position they brought in the elephant and cow to wake up the Lord. Everyone was very much surprised since this had never happened before.
Time bows down to the spiritual and never to the materially minded ones. For time to be under control, you have to know who is the Master of time. Time and space are two parameters which cannot dictate to the Supreme spirit or the Super-soul or the Divine. Know that everyone has that Divinity in them but can hardly realize it. So learn to know the Divine and you can then bend time too.

Image Credit: Pixabay