Very Busy?

very busy

I am very busy. I have too many things to do. There is no time for some other things to be done. I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. I am very tired and I just need a holiday. I am sure you have heard all of the above in your daily life.
Now analyze the same person from your own perspective. She got up at around 9am. Had tea for one whole hour. Read newspaper. Went inside the kitchen after her morning ablutions. Cooked some simple stuff and then proceeded to serve the family members by afternoon. Took the afternoon snooze. The maid came and cleaned the house and went away. Got up late evening. Had another beverage and made and ate some snacks. Went to the neighbors and chatted. Husband came and served dinner. Went to bed, made love and slept off to wake up again next day after he had gone to work. Now she says she is very tired.
Look at him now. He got up, did his morning ablutions, had breakfast of cereals and went to work. Entered office, spoke to multiple people on the way, had cups of beverages, had lunch, spoke on the phone, made some calls, wrote mails, filed report, closed for the day, drove back home, ate dinner, spoke to friends and wife, made love and fell asleep. So feels tired after grueling day!
Both have no time to attend to anything besides what they are doing. They can never take a holiday, attend to children’s school functions if they have kids, go and meet relatives, buy some stuff other than groceries, etcetera etcetera. Tell me where can these folks accommodate much more than what’s on their platter?
Now look at people who have made it in life. They get up early, exercise, attend to urgent mails on the go, dictate answers to queries. Have sumptuous breakfast which is nutritious, read news, get dressed and get into chauffeur driven car to get to work, where the secretary has arranged calls, meetings, talks, conferences, schmoozing with politicos and famous personas, evening business meets, dates, candle lit dinners, drop back to home and close for the day. So what have they achieved? Lots!
The successful people have so much to do, pack so much in life and yet have time to accommodate some more. They can go in holidays, attend races, go for meets, conferences, attend training sessions, take their wives or girlfriends out on fancy dates, make major investment decisions, go for pilgrimages, films, festivals, etcetera etcetera. Do they complain about paucity of time or energy? Not at all.
Think about it this way. They feel very tired just like you but if they need to pile up more work for the next day, they will welcome it. They translate everything into success only because they do not think of work as a chore or worthless stuff. They are never busy. They have people to delegate jobs to. They know how to tell others what they want done. They are sure about most of the things. They give answers to everyone. They have ready answers or know almost everything. They decide and give solutions.
So when you say that you are too busy know that you aren’t going anywhere in life. You will always be full of questions and problems. You are a born failure since you say you are busy and yet aren’t. Now go back to being busy by sleeping off. You deserve to get bogged down by small stuff. After all you are very busy!

Image courtesy by    pixabay