Waking Up Kumbhakarna!

KumbhakarnaWaking up Kumbhakarna was an impossible task! So how do we wake up a sleeping person? This question has been asked by many to me. Now let’s get this straight, we are talking here about a person who refuses to do anything with his life and sleepwalks through it. It’s about someone who doesn’t lift a finger or does anything constructive in life.
First lets see the way people are. You tell your son or husband to do something and he rolls away saying that he is busy, or has too many things to do, or just watches some junk on the television, starts playing games on his computer, talks into the telephone to someone on the other side complaining about your cribbing, walks out of the house as if not hearing you….. His reasons are endless. I am not singling out men alone. It is also to do with women too. The laziness or inertia shown by these “extremely busy” people is appalling. When you know damn well they aren’t doing anything at all. Their priorities are all skewed up and life fully buggered up. They get up at random hours, sleep randomly, work in the most disorganized way, have no agenda in life, live life like pigs rolling in their own shit, complaining and cribbing all the time. But not ready to lift their fingers at all. So have I described the brat or pig in your life well? The symptoms are clear. These are the current lot of people affected by the Kali Yuga fully under the spell of tamas. This is the brother of Ravana or evil designs who is called Kumbhakarna or inertia and laziness.
Now the idea why these great folks are this way. You have treated them with lots of respect and love during childhood. Having put them on the pedestal, you are now suffering for your own mishandling. Showering a person with only that much love as they deserve should be your focus. Don’t go overboard trying to give them what they want. All elders are responsible for spoiling their brats. They have gone overboard giving them stuff which they haven’t valued at all. Giving for the sake of giving and then labeling it as “love” and for which you are now asking me what is to be done?
So let’s begin the dressing down. You deserve it you know. Can you stop treating this ingrates like god almighty right away? Remember, they do not deserve it. So stop giving free lunches to them. Don’t tell me that these poor things are incapable of handling themselves. Let them go out and see how the world starts treating them.
First and foremost stop pitying yourself. Take matters in your hands and put down your foot. They need a one on one talk. Set them down and give them straight. Oh, you are afraid of that? Now you should have the courage to do that. Please be bold and courageous.
The next step is to stop pandering to their whims and fancies. Stop giving them all that they ask for. You are not their servant. Know that! So stop being one. Use subtle techniques in making them know that you are not their servant. Then as days go by, make it known verbally, then show them physically by not responding to their commands. One easy word to remember is I “forgot” what you asked for. Maybe you are suffering from amnesia! Got that!
Now ask them if they will be willing to do the same to you. Serving you! This will definitely give you their answer.
Voicing it is very important. Then showing them in action is next. Then asking them to do it is next. Since they are not willing to do unto you what you did unto them like a servant. You have now understood where you stand in their universe.
The next thing is to walk away from them or ask the to stfu or get lost.
I know I sound very harsh. But how do you treat a pig? Or a mule? You kick their ass, right? So do it.
As a good horseman or chariot driver, the whip is essential tool of yours or the prod in their ass. Kicking their asses is needed otherwise you will become the Arab from the Arab and the camel story. Got that! So go get him or her dear sufferer!

Image Courtesy by pixabay