Wallow In Misery

Man loves to wallow in his miserable state more and more. Whatever the circumstances of life, man has the habit of falling again and again into the same rut and never wanting out of it.
Notice the banker who catches the train every single day and goes through the same rhythm of ups and downs and never gets tired of it. Check out the woman, every single month and month after month, she knows and anticipates her issues and feels the dread of facing it. She then wallows in her pain and succumbs to it.
It’s not that the human being doesn’t try to get out of it, they all try but slipping back into the same state is much easier than rising high. Try asking that man or that woman why they are not trying? They will give you a spiel and tell you how many times they have really worked hard on it. But this time, this one time the pain and hurt is the ultimate, hence they are in their lowest state.
I am sure you have heard this before. Even you are the culprit. Don’t even try to give some reasoning. Understand that, this is human nature. Full of crap and never wanting to put in self efforts to rise above.
The boss behaves exactly the same way every time and you too do the same. Crib and crib about he being the worst character on earth. No one can have such a monster of a boss. But then ask any other person in confidence and he too will tell you a similar story. You two can start a club of boss bashing then!
Now see that, every person has the same issues. It might be about drinking or children or whatever. Does it change anywhere? You go through the same stuff all the time.
Going to work is a pain, meeting your in laws or the teachers at school, getting the taxes paid, going to the bank, utilities bills or even reapplying for a new pass card is so much of trouble.
You so much wish you had someone else’s life and not your own.
You look at that ever smiling bitch and wonder how she can have that fixed smile always. You wish you had her life. No husband, children and money problems in life. Living all alone and enjoying her salary completely. Going on holidays. Life must be such a good dream. So every single day you wish to God, you could have such a wonderful life. Every good looking male flirts with her. She too behaves like a bitch in heat with everyone. She sleeps her way up in her life. Literally!!! You wish you were her! Ah!
But let me tell you that you wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. She has her own issues to deal with and everything that she projects is just a facade. Her life is full of lies and shit. Her struggle with getting past every single man is the toughest. They all look at her as the sex object. She is passed around like the salads. Everyone takes a small portion of her. Nibbling her and enjoying it. She can never become the main course. For that they have their wife. So you think you can survive this ordeal? Do you want to be the pass around type? No way!
So stop comparing yourself to someone else. Everybody’s life is full of shit and a mound of trouble. So don’t you go around wishing for another’s life.
Running away also won’t help you. Wherever you go your past will follow you. You can never eliminate the pain and problems in life.
So here is the solution.
First you should know that everyone is just the same as you are. You have troubles, they too have troubles. You are in pain, they too are in pain. Every single person has some issues. So first accept that.
Next understand the trouble is not outside of you but inside of you. Objects existed even before you were born. So these objects are not the trouble. Let me give you an example. Beautiful girls existed before and so did periods, handsome hunks existed before with small libidos, going to work and troubles with bosses too existed well before time. Remember the guillotine and the head chop offs. Now that you can understand, let’s not get hyper about circumstances today. They are perennially there always. So objects existed always. They will cause enough disturbances too. But why do you want to get disturbed. So doesn’t that mean, the disturbance is inside of you. So why in the Gods name do you blame others? Stop doing that and address the problem. It’s your mind alone. You handle your mind properly and you will not get troubled.
Getting to know that the problem stems from your own mind and only you can control it solves that issue. Stop being a martyr and learn to face it. You are a veteran in reasoning and bull shitting yourself. So why not bullshit your own mind to think that all is well. Nothing is wrong. Get the hell out of that sad state. Get up and stand on your feet. The devil is inside of you alone. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Others are full of the same crap. Don’t try to get back into that stupid condition. You are not helping anyone.
So there, we have solved your troublesome issue now. So what will you do about it now? I can see that thought coming back.
See you back in hell my friend. Let’s roast together for our potluck party with our office bitch. Looks like she is ready to flirt with you today. Only till her boss arrives!!!

Image Courtesy pixabay