Waste Time Over Indecision!

It’s easy to waste time over frivolities and indecision! Extremely tough to decide on issues when you are attuned to deriding time. Decision makers are winners. Indecisive people do not allow the universe to do magic in their lives.
If you ever get a chance to be close to the Chairmans office you will understand that he is mostly on call, meetings, flying or at leisure. Then when does he find time to run the company? You will be amazed to know that few seconds he is spending with some of his key employees is the time he is just giving decisions and nothing else. His assessments are done by his cronies, staff, managers and servants. He only looks at the presented options and decides on the final answer.
Those who are unable to decide are the ones who bring the whole world of theirs down on the knees. These indecisive people destroy the fabric of conformity.
The uncertainty in life is also like this. When you don’t know what you gotta do and are searching for answers! You can never seem to arrive at any conclusions at all. You are drifting in an endless ocean.
But the moment you take a decision in life either which way. Positive or negative, right or wrong, this way or that way, know that you will arrive. Also bear in mind that your results are never in your hands. Only the work or job is for you to do or perform. The choice is to do alone and not fret on indecision.
This simple knowledge is not available to many so they become fence sitters. Just do it. Don’t think about how’s and whys of life. Is it not possible for you to follow simple instructions and do whatever is needed right then and there? Do you need to procrastinate and delay decision making? Can you not decide whichever way? Yes or no!
Then the next step is just moving on to the next stop. There again you need to decide. Don’t bother about the consequences. Anyway your destiny is written so whatever you do will conform to whatever is written. So decide and just get on with life. The less time you spend on answers the better it is for your health too. Blood pressure, tensions, diseases of the mind and body can be avoided by quickly reacting to situations in life.
You may still question whether it was prudent decision or not? Who cares! Que sera sera!