Water Everywhere

Water Everywhere!

Water EverywhereWater, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. We are arriving at this state sooner than you can think.
Imagine 71 percent of the earth is covered by water and yet we don’t get water to drink. The oceans contain 97 percent of our waters. Does it ever occur to you why we are not having water to drink when we can swim in it all our life?
Human beings are terrible in the use of water. They flush and flush and flush and yet say they don’t have it? They wipe their asses with paper and don’t use water. Doesn’t it go in their silly brains that it takes so much of water and electricity to produce their butt wipes? Next time take a little poop and stick it on your body and see how it stinks or gets solid! You will feel like puking or dirty by just reading this statement. Then why flush and yet not use a little of that to wipe the butt? Isn’t the butt remaining dirty by just wiping it. Otherwise they clean their body by taking a bath with water. Why not clean your skin with dry or wet wipes?
Next they make you buy some stupid mountain stream water in plastic bottles and pay through your nose. Now imagine there are companies which sell these bottles and bottles to dolts like you. If they spend a little of that humungous profits to desalinate the ocean water, it could save the world. But they won’t do it since who will exploit this world then?
Tap water is far more healthy and economical than using these bottled waters. Water purifier companies are milking you dry by wetting your desire to have clean water.
We cry hoarse on climate change and the earth getting drier. But check this out- it’s snowing in the east coast and the California state is waterless. Ironic, isn’t it? At one place it is raining and raining whereas the other place has drought. Yet, the world doesn’t give a damn trying to distribute good water. Can’t the west coast of USA set up some desalination plants with a fraction of the Silicon Valley money? Maybe it never enters their heads that there are better things to do than looking for dates in their apps or time for partying.
The whole world has issues with water. The central regions of the nation and deserts. Yet, why are people living on coastal regions all having water problems?
Why use cutlery or paper napkins when you can wash hands with water? Doesn’t it take the same water to wash these things too? God didn’t make people with forks and spoons but gave them fingers to use them for such purposes. Yet, why do we need the cutlery and perishable plates, etc.?
Respecting the earth and not exploiting it will make her give us proper amount of water. So why not be more cautious with water. Conserve it, desalinate it, not exploit the gullibility of humans by selling costly water.
There is enough water for everyone here. Use it judiciously and don’t spoil the ecosystem. Conserve the forests. Don’t make unnecessary use of paper or spend lavishly on water. Don’t milk the earth from artesian wells but milk the oceans for water. There is enough water for everyone. Stop using so much paper. Then they won’t cut trees. More trees means more rainfall and with more rainfall we will flush out unnecessary usage of paper. Replace it with water. Make water available for all.

Image Courtesy by pixabay