We Are All Born Differently.

Aren’t we all born different? Can everyone have the same understanding about any subject? When the teacher teaches in the class, does every student understand everything that is taught in the same way? Or the grasping of the subject matter differ from individual to individual? Even if the students are taught the same stuff, they will not be able to understand it in the same way.
Everybody has a different grasping capacity and knowledge seepage. Absorption doesn’t happen equally. It is dependent on the surface and absorption capacity. So when the school announces the results are they based on this? Never can you have the real idea about the amount of knowledge embedded inside that human being. So if someone says that they have understood the lesson completely, there is still a chance they have understood only as per their grasping capacity and not the real thing. No one can know everything fully or completely.
The knowledge yardstick is completely our own belief system and dependent only on our relative understanding.
If you ask two psychologist the answer to any one problem independently, they are bound to come up with their own version of the issues. Two surgeons can identify the same problem, say related to the two vertebrae but the extent of cure or pain in the patient can never be known. Both these people will say its a qualitative approach needed for knowing that, but the truth is their reasoning will be biased and unreal. In the end the reasoning will be based on the more powerful answer closer to the most conceivable and convincing one.
So coming back to the teachers methods of teaching everyone in the same manner can be faulted. It is better to have a one on one kind of learning. The general format is good for general sort of learning but the absolute pin pointing of subject has to be done after assessment of the individual independent of each other.
I would prescribe two kinds of learning. One is the general classroom kind and the other is the specialized one on one experts approach. You have to allow the student to be assessed and then judged on what kind of subject is most suitable for him.
So when you wish to learn sketchily from someone and give a general exam, do so with a public teacher but when you need real answers and true learning focus on getting these from professionals alone. They should be experts and completely dedicated to their subject matter expertise. Know that you want and seek only that specific.
Hence I too prefer disciples coming to me independent and singly. I can then solve their individual issues and not focus on frivolities.

Image Courtesy by pixabay