We Behave Like Terrorists Too!

Why do we behave like terrorists and hold others at ransom? Do we find it exhilarating and exiting experience to make the other person feel like shit?
The mother beats the hell out of her kid when the child misbehaves and then sits and cries her heart out of guilt. The child, in turn feels that she is the one responsible to make her mother cry so starts behaving in the way her mother wants her to. But carries the ill feeling in the heart since that is not what she would want her kids to go through when she grows up and has kids of her own. Now isn’t that called emotional blackmail?
Just think of another situation, one of my disciples used to get out of marrying a person whom she didn’t want to marry. This happened a few years ago. A young girl was in love with another man and her parents insisted that she get married to the guy of their choice. She refused and told her parents so. Her father shut her in a room and the day before her marriage she slit her wrists. She was taken to the hospital and was saved. Later, I came to know what she had done was when she came to buy long sleeve kurtas from my store. She used the old trick into making her parents submit to her ways.
When the person realizes how much impact has happened by their behavior, then they feel very highly motivated and do not hesitate to hang that sword of threat on top of their perpetrators head. It’s emotional blackmail and it works.
Tears and sad faces, torn clothes and physical disabilities, poverty and piety are some of the tools people use to garner support to themselves or evoke sympathy for grinding their axes.
Never fall into the trap if you see one. First and foremost why are you going there anyway?
Using your shortcomings and disadvantages to your personal gains is a way of getting things done. Your disability is your ability and you can cash in on it.
Just think how you can project your weakness as your strength.
A poor man asking for money is expected to beg so beg. What difference does it make if you do? Anyway, you are expected to do that, isn’t it? Similarly, an expecting mother is not expected to carry heavy loads so why not make your gfn hubby lift the carry bags? Sorry, you asked what’s gfn? Good for nothing!