We Don’t Believe In Ourselves!

We are the superheroes and still we don’t believe in ourselves! In almost every sci-fi film the Presidential palace gets destroyed and aliens attack the earth and our superhero always saves the President and the world. We watch films in which we get lost so much but if we were to actually think, whether the possibilities of the film episodes ever happening to us, they would be nil. Yet, why do we enjoy them so much?
The same goes for our mythology. We love to see our mythological heroes pound the villains to pulp and save the beautiful maiden and get back their kingdom. The villains are multi headed monsters and devilish characters.
So are the creatures from outer space. Why do all these people have far advanced weapons than the protagonist? The hero wins the situation against all odds. He has a small weak army, less sophisticated weapons, not much of firepower and yet he wins! Strangely, he has great strategy and plan, more daring characters on his side, the power of the divine and great hardy luck.
We have childish mentality to believe in all the above stuff. But when it comes to our own example we believe in the impossibility and unreality of our own character. Our difficulties in life are insurmountable and we believe there are no solutions.
How can we believe in some space creature and mythological characters with super abilities and not in our own strengths? Why do we discount everything in us? Are we not real creatures with the will power, grit and determination?
So stop being silly and start believing in our own strengths. Anything that these mythological characters can do, we can do it much better.
Start believing in our own capabilities and powers. We can move mountains and churn the seas too. Man can reach the skies and measure the depth of the ocean too. We can brave tsunamis and floods, droughts and disasters, deaths and births, heart breaks and marriages, loss of homes and legal cases, physical or mental disabilities or anything at all.
The spirit of human being is very resilient and powerful. We can withstand any calamity or grief too. Have we not seen widows overcome their dead spouses, mother their kids, sudden deaths and deadly illnesses too? So if we have the capacity to win over any situation, don’t you think we are greater beings than any alien or mythological heroes?
So let’s believe in ourselves and know that there isn’t anything in this world that we cannot do or overcome!

Image Credit: Pixabay