What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of? Is it the fear of the unknown or the known? Fear rules everyone’s life.
Be it a president of a nation or a beggar. The President moves with a security shield, is worried about elections, about war, money and even his appointees. He is afraid that his spouse may say something wrong or do something which can make him loose his position.
Do you think if he is sitting with the arsenal trigger, he won’t be afraid? On the contrary, he would be the biggest scared cat on earth.
Take the case of the business leader! He is so much worried about annual results, share market prices, weather, sales, finances and what not. He is afraid about his own kith and kin whom he may appoint in his own place. He is worried day and night about performances and trends. Do you think he can sleep in peace?
A spouse is equally fearful. Most of the marriages exist purely on fear. Afraid to leave the children, the house, the security, the relationships and even the luxury of being married. Does that mean the unmarried are safe and free? No way! They are the most insecure in life. They are worried about money, career, relationships, diseases, old age, ignominy and so on. They feel they are yet the biggest left out beings on earth. They curse the god more than the married folks.
So is there anyone who is not afraid? Reminds me of the song by Eminem. But he too is afraid. The beautiful are afraid of their looks and fragility of life. The ugly are afraid of being ugly.
The diseased are afraid of sickness and death. The greatest fear is of having no money, no house, no friends or no health.
So what can make us fearless?
Desires are the root cause of every evil. Desire to own someone or something and then the fear arises of loosing that thing. Someone else taking your girl or boy away, someone taking your place or property, fear lurks in the most unlikely place too. Fear of death is the ugliest.
So what if you stop taking ownership of anyone or anything? Then fear wouldn’t exist.
Look at the way in which sages become fearless. They don’t possess anything. They own nothing. So they don’t have fear of loosing anything. They are detached from everything and everyone, so they are not disturbed if anything happens to their body or any other persons. They have no wants or needs. They live everyday of their life one at a time. They don’t hoard or save even food. They live like birds and search for food only when their body need arises. They can stay in any circumstances. They can sleep on cushioned beds or on bare floor too. They are aware that there is no tomorrow so they are sure death comes unnoticed. They don’t fear illness or death. They know they aren’t in any way responsible for anything or anyone, so they have freedom of movement and life. They come and go whenever they please.
They have controlled their mind. They are lost in God alone so they have surrendered to Him. They know whatever He wishes to give or not is His will alone.
The sages alone are fearless.


Image Courtesy by    Google Images