What Can Money Buy?

What can money buy?
Money can buy a lot of things.
Someone’s good health and hospital expenses. Obama’s great health plans. A life and even the cloth to cover the dead. The death expenses are nowadays equal to the marriage expenses. Wayan explained to me how she needs to spend half her annual income on her fathers death anniversary in Indonesia. Death is expensive and needs money. So money can buy you a peaceful death too, if you have drawn the financial plan for it.
Money is buying you a five star birth too. Two days all expense paid delivery in the five star birthing suit costs about 200k.
Money can bring the glitter of gold and diamonds. The shine in your eyes and teeth too.
A seven days expensive wedding ceremony at many locations, a month and more of exotic honeymoon. The best decorations for the most insignificant arches and background of your wedding hall. The fanciest of clothes with gold borders. Jchoo to Jlo, Pinot noir to Chardonnay, Chanel to Prada, Rolex to Ferrari, you can name the most opulent. What can money not buy for you? Everything and much more.
To education in Harward which is pegged at $120k, million likes in Facebook, long list of twitter followers, reems of paper written upon and gilt edged securities. All for the money. Have money, life is full of joy. Haven’t you seen the wolf, jobs and gates? Money can buy you CSR initiatives and big bucks for spending on remote villages and poor of the world. So tell me why everyone shouldn’t run after it?
Money can’t buy my dead mother back, my lost childhood and failed exams, my friends and my first love. Money can give me fear of hoarding and accumulation. Money puts me out of the street and into glass cages. I cannot go and eat on the roadside. I cannot mix with normal people who are criticizing my being, who pester me for returning their soft loan, my daily hard work grind. My train travel, my greasy tuktuk or auto travel or my jostling in the bus. I calculate the amount of money I might have to pay at customs and my card spewing out with the legend- no funds available. My checks bouncing back, looking at the lowest priced item in the menu, dirty sidewalks, smoke filled bars and restaurants, second class travel, no admission letters, no vacancy mails and regret letters from banks and loan companies. All these legends money can’t buy.
The urge to give the beggar but no wherewithal to do so, wanting to join Harward but no money to, friends avoiding genuinely so as to avoid me touching them for cash, wistfully looking at the gorgeous models in fashion photo shoots!
Asking God twenty four bar seven for money and praying for it at all places of worship. Hoping that the spouse is rich enough to pay for all luxuries, house to boot, jewelry, cars and whatnots. So God becomes your milch cow. Or maybe the in-laws! So let’s see if you have given up running after money? Not at all. You still believe money makes the world go round. Let’s get it from whatever means available to us.
The love for lucre is dangerous passion. Never has man given up that greed even after loosing it a zillion times. It’s the perennial illusion in front of us. We run after it and still cannot catch it.
So you think I was trying to brainwash you into joining me in spiritual? No way. My spiritual will make you independent of money whether you have it or not. It’s not about haves or have-nots! Money has little to do with attaining the freedom or knowledge. This freedom is free just like spiritual knowledge. You cannot buy it online or in some sweatshop of some hatha yogic exercises hack.
If you are seeking happiness, joy, money or whatever then don’t get into spiritual for that express purpose. Spiritual is all about knowing thyself. Who you are and what is the purpose of life? Such esoteric stuff can be known there. No books can help. No half baked knowledge from some unknown source can never help. Get yourself the Master Himself. You will get these deals with Him and no money or any other stuff. Money, you have to earn it all for yourself. There destiny rules too.

Can Money Buy?
Can Money Buy?

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