What Can You Do For Me?

What can you do for me? What are you capable of doing? What kind of knowledge or expertise you have that can bring value to the table? What is so special about you? What qualities you have those which could be put to the highest use in my enterprise?
Yesterday, I wrote this mail exhorting all of you to tell me what you can do. I am sure you know you put all possible good stuff about yourself when you write your resume. Isn’t it? If you were to apply for a position, would you tell the interviewers what you cannot do or would you assure them what you can deliver? I am sure you will put forward all the positives in the world that you can project to get that job. Like they say in the industry, your deliverables!
Go back in time and think what is it that you wanted to do in your youth or childhood before you got trapped in this mundane world of deceit? You were interested in conquering the world. Becoming someone in life. Changing the world order or just bringing back utopia.
Did you want to become the top boss of some company? Did you want to photo shoot animals in their habitats? Did you want to climb Mount Everest?
Surely, you had your dreams and you always thought that nothing is impossible for you. You could do anything at all in this world.
But life treated you unkindly. You got entrapped in your world of dog eat dog. You were entangled by job, marriage, children, house, vehicles, jewelry, education, money, ambition, greed, lust, addiction and what not. You got so engrossed in attaining those objectives that you lost yourself.
Now I am offering you this opportunity to get back that which you have lost. Tell me what you are capable of. What you can bring to the table!
We are all forced by destiny and our desires into doing somethings which we can never be happy about. So tell me what will you be constantly happy about doing?
What is it where you will put your heart and soul into? Where you won’t be distracted by others performances or comparisons? Where you feel completely at home and full of yourself.
Is it painting, drawing, cooking, mentoring, climbing mountains, teaching, crocheting, solving problems, driving, ordering others around, leading, giving speeches, writing, etcetera etcetera. You are capable of something and that is your passion.
Do you know I am talking about your swadharma? Something that comes very naturally to you? Do you know by bringing that to the front you will rid of all karmas?
You have to do what you got to do selflessly. Not with ulterior motives. Just being your good self. At the end of the day you will feel extremely happy with yourself for delivering the job perfectly.
So now tell me what is your innermost desire to do here. Give me all the positives you have got. As your fellow guide, it will be my privilege to show you your true path. Come walk with me!

What Can You Do For Me
What Can You Do For Me

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