What Does God Do For Me

What Does God Do For Me?

GodandmeWhat does God do for me? Often you have wondered when it is mentioned that God doesn’t interfere in the working of this world and otherwise you believe God does everything. So which of it is true?
Both the statements are true. The divine doesn’t interfere in anything that is happening around you. You can see that statement is true when even after multiple fervent prayers, the object is never achieved. You pray for your parent to survive. He suffers from a debilitating disease and you have gone and prayed fervently to God. But nothing happens and the parent dies. You ask the question to God, why couldn’t He save the parent? Didn’t you pray hard? Weren’t your prayers understood by Him? He is said to be kind and compassionate and yet it doesn’t show you that side of His nature! So your faith is shaken. You ask some religious person and they answer that God is compassionate so He took away your and your parents’ pain. They say, He knows best what is right for you. So killing a parent is compassion and best thing to happen. You turn a sceptic at this silly explanation. You know God only saves someone when He has to make a point. You question why He couldn’t save your parent, when Jesus could tell Lazarus to walk alive out of his tomb, when he was already dead. This doesn’t help your belief in any way. So you find the knowledge flimsy. So you believe that if there is some God then He doesn’t care too much or that He actually doesn’t interfere in anything at all.
On the other hand, something nice happens to you and you firmly believe only God does such stuff since He loves you the most. You believe He buys your plane ticket at a much affordable cost. You know that
He gives you special treatment when you go for your exams. The examination is smooth and so are the results. You know only God can be so kind. So you feel the qualifying fact is the amount of good that happens colors the faith. So then what is the truth? Is God the doer or not?
The fact is when you think of God as some tangible being then His appearance and doer ship is true but when you know that God is only the consciousness, then everything crumbles down. What can be the most earth shattering truth that can make a person believe in someone else? Some proof is needed there. But you need proof for things that are tangible but what proof can you offer about the invisible? The unmanifest can never be ascertained by our human understandings.
So when people like de Grasse, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins or others who destroy the word called faith by some scientific proofs and theories of evolution, how is it comparable? You can compare one fruit to another. But is it possible to compare a tangible fruit to an invisible one? Ascertainment can only happen if you can physically experience both. I am not going to argue here but I was only leading you to my topic. This topic I shall take up later in detail.
So coming back to our topic. Only that which can be expressed and experienced is understood by man. So we tend to give credit to God when good happens. But we deride God when bad happens. Faith increases when some goodness occurs. But otherwise the rise of doubt happens. Doubt is the root cause of losing faith.
So you will understand that God doesn’t interfere in the working of the universe. His universal laws just take care of everything. Just like your government works. The president doesn’t come to collect taxes but the local tax man collects. He represents the government for you. When taxes rise, you hate the government. But when they give you rebates you praise them. Your faith rises.
Similarly you cannot see
God but only with faith can you feel goodness then alone you will experience Him. Otherwise you won’t.
So God does everything virtually only for the believers and not for others. It’s a way of belief alone. Truly, God doesn’t do anything. It’s His nature which does everything. So believe what you must and don’t bother about the rest.
The final word is- God actually doesn’t interfere in anything. Only His nature does. Which is His alone and yet isn’t! Only that which you can experience. But you can attribute it to God alone. It’s a choice that you have. Believe it or not!!!

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