What Is Good News?

What is Good news? Do you know any media where I can find good news. Something that I can feel good about?
No! I am not talking about some books or comedy television series. They only make you laugh derisively. These are not what I am talking about. I truly and sincerely want to hear something good in this world.
I am not averse to hearing bad news but can I have some good news too! I don’t love bitter, salty, pungent, obnoxious foods all the time. So can I have some sweets too?
You open a newspaper and you find crisis written all over the front page, rapes, market crashes, political mayhem, court cases, murders, fires, floods and droughts, violence and terrorist attacks, unrests, anarchy, etc.. Now show me some good news? None whatsoever. In the inner pages its all about relationship disasters, divorces, child care issues, sodomy and rapes, lgbt issues, gay marriages, etc.. Now come to the sports page. It’s scandals, pin ups, bribery, doping, cheating, rains and pitch disasters, etc.. You do have some winnings too but again it is biased. You come to business news and its about market disasters, money markets tightening, failures of brands, messy annual reports, rising inflation, finance ministry rants, taxes and filings, etc..
Now take the other pages too. Comics are not humorous but sarcastic and acidic, film stories are about affairs and scandals, box office failures are more than successes, rarely a success, Botox men and women, false attitudes, makeup and made ups!
You check out the ads. They are talking of bust enhancements, false faces and unreal people, chemical soaps and detergents, false claims of builders and property developers.
The list is endless and it goes on and on. Fake and absolutely crappy news.
Technology news is about acquisitions, new phones and comps, faster bandwidth at a huge cost, more costlier and worthless transports, aps for phones and tablets, hacking and viruses, etc..
So where is the good news?
Wait, we still have to talk about god. He sells on the papers, television channels, direct relays from the sanctum sanctorum, false prophets sermons, sex scandals of religious folks, money laundering, opulent temples and their earnings, richer gods, body and mind control freaky exercises, retreats, congregations, meets to eat and talk shop not god, atheistic literature, god bashing, holy books burning, churches and temples destruction, flash floods at holy places, stampedes, deaths at pilgrimages, etc..
So can I get to see some good news?
Movies and television talk of saving people and nations from alien attack, murder mysteries, horror stories, lust and greed, extra marital and strange affairs, free sex, triple x movies, cartoons who whack the hell out of other cartoons, etc..
Now lets see if we can put up some good news ourselves.
I have sufficient money in life, good family where there are no fights or ugly situations, excellent results in school and college, taxes paid in time, electricity board and water utilities returned money for efficient usage, transport reaches in time, the weather is great, just right cold and warmth, no diseases and excellent health, prayers for goodness alone and not for begging boons, well behaved society and kids, great weather, honest people, etc..
Now ask yourself whether you have any good news for everyone here?
Can we have some great stuff coming our way?
For once, lets give it a try!