What Is The Color Of The Unicorn?

What is the color of the unicorn? The unicorn is unreal, so how can it have color?
Don’t go in the kitchen there is a ghost over there says the mother so that she can save the sweets she has prepared for the festival.
The young child believes his mother and doesn’t go inside.
The father says to the mother,”Why are you telling lies to your young child?”
The elder sibling says,”Good! That will save a lot of sweets getting eaten, so now can I have one?”
The help in the kitchen thinks,”Can I take a few more for myself?”
Everyone has their own reasoning about the sweets in the kitchen.
So what is the real thing or the truth?
Nothing is! To each his own way of looking at the same item.
So when people swear by truth, tell the truth or even own up to it, the sage doesn’t bother about it. He knows that in this material world everything is maya alone. There is no truth here.
Only God is real. Rest everything is unreal.