What Is This World Coming To?

What is this world coming too? Movies, where they show overt sexuality and strangest relationships.
I heard someone say that when they had just seen the latest movie to hit the market called,”Blue Is The Warmest Color!” There are those who will condemn it and then there are those who will consider it pure porn. Some may like it since it talks of complex relationships and finding your leanings.
In our world too, there are cases which may be too hard to digest for a normal man. These existed since time immemorial but it is recently that they have been exposed to the world because of the proliferation of various media!
So just because there are some prudes who have closed their eyes, should we condemn it? When we look at any human being, they have an essence of both man and woman in them. Genetics has proved that both the hormones exist in either of these beings. So human being is more an androgynous being, so the dominance of a certain hormone defines the sexual orientation of that person.
Now how are the leanings and tendencies defined there can be seen by the rise of the particular trigger in the humans. We all secrete pheromones and the opposites attract it that’s how we all seem to like or hate someone. The signals exuded by animals can raise alarm or repulse the other, or attract and conjoin with the other. So also, the human body has been designed to attract or repulse someone. Why is it that some people get sexually attracted to someone and not with another? This is an inbuilt system of complex signals which can be understood after much research.
So I feel we cannot stand judgement over someone who has a different sexual leaning other than opposite sex.
The universe has been created by a wise being who knows what He or She is doing so why do we humans with our small minds take offense? There are creatures who take care of babies like the Sea horse in his pouch. Or some animals who have a different orientations. So let’s just understand that the human being too has some attractions and some repulsions to bother about.
The deterioration of religion and religious beliefs has happened because of such extreme rules which are adhered to by the ones who employ them.
Today no one has seen God in this world, yet they implement His so called diktats by means of strong handed methods. God Himself has said to be an androgynous being without any sexual orientation. Having created two of a kind to propagate in this world, it is expected that they will obey His command. But it may apply to those who are capable of it. But then what about those who cannot conceive or are incapable of sustaining these actions? Should they not resort to adoptions and other methods? Should a couple not go for in-vitro fertilization? Should they not take a womb on hire? Should they not go for getting sperm banks and egg implants?
So why condone anything at all? Since God Himself has created this beautiful world with His own imagination, then it shouldn’t matter to all those who believe that need to fulfill their innate desires here.
For that matter when someone talks of spiritual, are they talking about physical bodies here? Not at all. We are talking of spirit alone. So the spirit by itself is androgynous and hence when we mix up spirituality with our mundane world, I wonder who are these folks who talk about male and female?
The son of God was not born of sexual union but He needed a womb to be born. So human beings are just vehicles for sustainability in this world. So this vehicle called body has it’s own uses, whatever they are. So how we use it here is something that God Himself has defined so let’s not doubt His judgement and question His creation. Let it be then. Allow Him to do what He wishes to do here.

Image Courtesy by pixabay