What Is Your Measure Of Truth?

measureEveryone says that they have been taught to be truthful and live as much a truth filled life. But what is your actual measure of truth? Is it that which your conscience permits or not to tell worldly lies or is it that you feel you should get good sleep and not worry all night long? Krsna’s version of truth may not match your version.
This world is just a dream. Any object that appears here is as unreal as any dream object. So everything is just unreal and full of falsehood. Freedom is as false as bondage. If both are unreal then what is it that makes you think that you are truthful?
Here the answer is- what you believe in!
Belief in something makes it real and appear for you. That object which may be unreal becomes real for you only if you have absolute conviction about it.
The world itself being a figment of Vishnu’s imagination cannot be real. But His dream is absolutely real for all the dream objects inside it. Hence appearance or disappearance of anything is possible in His dream. Just will it with firmness and it will appear to be as real as you wish it to be.
So coming back to your truth or falsehood once again. Whatever you believe is your truth becomes your truth and whatever is falsehood becomes that. But learn to discriminate here. Only God is real, the rest is unreal. So finally everyone’s truth is unreal. Only the dreamer is the truth!

Image Courtesy by pixabay