What It Means To Be Lonely?

Do you understand what it means to be lonely? Someone asked me once and I said that I can never be lonely. Listening to the song by Boys To Men-“Show me the meaning of being lonely,” would make you know how loneliness feels but that’s not what loneliness means.
Someone passes away or you loose your beloved and then the emptiness strikes you. This is a sure fire way of being lonely. But we are born alone and we die alone. So what makes us feel lonely? Is it attachment to that person or object? When we are attached and when we loose them, we feel left out, alone, lonely and empty. Devoid of their presence will tell us how we miss them.
But the moment we have the idea that they were our co-workers in this universe we can understand that their duties were over. We do not cry for our co-workers when they retire, right? So when serving God’s purpose for us we meet them as our relatives or parents, friends or lovers, husbands or wives, kids or grand kids, let us be clear that the bonds which they had for us only defines the team we belong to and nothing more. As a team member we are allowed to grieve them for some moments in silence but after that our duties go on. We are back to our sole purpose of coming to earth.
There are differences in the term love and attachment. Love is pure and untainted by attachments. With attachment we have desires and wants too. When we have unconditional love for the one we lost we know they have merged in the divine where we too come from.
When I lost my father I was happy for him. I wished him a great journey back to his bodily parents and others. But being especially happy for him going back to his Maker! Wishing him happy journey, I finished with his last rites. Thereafter I have never felt lonely. How lucky it is to return back to our beloved home, I countered those who came to console me!
So never can you feel lonely when someone passes away. You know it was meant to be. Their prarabdha karma is over. Their sojourn finished here on earth. To dust they shall return where we too shall return. Amen!

Image Courtesy by pixabay