What Purpose Is This Life?

What purpose is this life?
We are all so sensitive to some words. Imagine someone calling us fat or dark can upset our entire life. Or when people say that you are greying or getting old now. Immediately our reaction is to fight back. At other times when people say, that you are the spitting image of your father or mother. You hate it though they have meant it more as a compliment.
So why don’t we accept the things that their eyes observe? We all love our individualistic persona. We create our own image in our minds eye and admire it. Anyone who disowns it is our enemy. It isn’t unknown to us that we are fat, yet someone acknowledging it hurts our feelings. We want to believe that we are thin. Which means some effects are supposed to be seen after the new diet regime or gym workouts, but they aren’t seen. A single kilo loss in a hundred kilo won’t be visible but a two kilo loss in half that weight is significantly seen.
For such reasons, we all become so hypocritical and say that they really look so beautiful or nice or have lost so much weight. Sometimes aging is accepted and at other times it causes so much of heartburn. Imagine your Facebook update has a comment saying how graceful or beautiful you look Aunty and that makes us rip that picture away. We had put it up just so that people acknowledge our youthfulness whereas it rebounds by the term Aunty.
Now you can imagine how these slimming program works or hair weaving. They sell their services on our weaknesses. We love to look good or always hope to feel good about ourselves which makes us go for their pricey processes. Not that they put you on a diet regime or drugs which starve you but it harms our natural flow. Unless and until the body has become a bin of refuse and waste then alone it’s important to get going. Otherwise a normal method can be employed. Checks and balances or systems can be in place. We can significantly change our lifestyles to make these major effects. Eating habits, workouts, walks, cosmetics, hair dyes, contact lenses, better fitting garments, less amount of anger or stress, acceptance of our looks, acknowledgement of our age, etc., are some factors that we can look into. Without employing costlier methods of change, we can effect it very judiciously.
Observe the way in which we live. Take a comprehensive health check every year. Visit the dentist or eye doctor as needed. Reduce your food intake as you age beyond 40’s. Your metabolism too comes down. Eat less harmful foods. Less of oily stuff and sweets. Exercise regularly. Go for long walks, treks or visit distant hilly places. Too much of city or stressful life should be avoided.
Accepting that you are aging is important. Today we do not have reversible techniques for aging, so go with the flow. If you need to apply henna do so. If you need to go for laser treatment for your eyes, do that. Remember everything has advantages and disadvantages also. So watch out for high pressure marketing and gimmickry. Don’t fall for it. Be active always. Don’t let the body rust or slag even for a moment. Give due respect to every portion of your being- Physical, mental, sexual or spiritual.
Healthy mind, healthy body and spiritual unfoldment is the goals fit for achievement for fulfillment of our life.

what purpose is this life
purpose of life

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