What Purpose This Life?

purposeWhat’s the purpose of this life, he asked? Why do I need to come to you to find that? These questions were asked by the young man who came to see me about his career.
So I started by telling him that no one needs to come to me for finding out the purpose of life from me. I do not have a magic formula to know that. You can find that out yourself on your own if you wish to. My doors are open for those who wish to come and walk out too. No one needs to come to me for that. I haven’t invited anyone, nor have I asked anyone to sit and listen to me. You are free to do what you please.
So let’s get down to the bare question,”What is the purpose of this life?” For those who actually need the answers there are pointers thrown on their path. Some find it and some don’t. Some may say, I found my purpose of saving poor children, some saving rare birds, some climbing mountains, some just making money, some doing charity, some sing and others dance. These and many more are life’s purposes, they all say. But look at your own children and think why did you give birth to them? You can give me the classic answers like I wanted a family, just wanted to make love, happened by mistake or some such. Whatever the reasons, we all need our kids to recognize us as parents, work for their dreams, live a great life, better than our own, create wealth and name or fame for their own selves. But in the end acknowledge us.
So the main purpose of this life is to do what we have been given this beautiful life for and acknowledge the One who gave us that. So achieve success and reach the goals set for us to reach. It could be becoming a taxi driver or climbing Mount Everest or any other thing. So we need to find that main purpose of life.
It’s not so easy to know that. You have to search for the answers. These are elusive answers and it’s tough to find them. To reach the answers of life purpose, you have to know that there are no such things as money, fortune, fame, happiness, joy, perfection in the art or acknowledgement of any kind from anywhere as the criteria for reaching that elusive destination. If it’s about happiness then you will be disillusioned with life. So knowing your true calling is a must.
So now understand this is where I come in. I am here to provide that answers. I don’t do it for the love of money or name. I don’t ask you any kinds of benefits too. So it will show you my sincerity that I ain’t doing it for gain. My purpose in life is to show others their purpose. Got it? So if you come to me I will lead you on your path of life.
Now the next one- why do you need to come to me? No need. You can read any book anywhere, attend any classes or seminars or meet any life coach to know your true calling. But like I said, these are trained people but I ain’t. They have to make money or get whatever they wish to from their own life. Not me! I don’t have to gain anything from you. So I don’t have any qualms if you walk out. I am not after your money. But for you to know that calling is important so come if you want to. Otherwise don’t bother.
My job is a unique one. I don’t have any physical qualification like others. My spiritual knowledge comes on its own. There are no hidden scriptures with me. You get your scripture I will teach you that. So I can’t show you any qualifications. So there are no certificates on display to know the reasons of coming to me.
If you come I shall unveil you slowly giving you your true calling. Lead you up the path of serving the reasons for your birth. Then showing you whom you have to thank for being here. So come if you must. Your call now!

Image Courtesy by pixabay